Mike Lee Reich Flee

Spike Dolomite
3 min readNov 21, 2023

Senator Mike Lee from Utah is in the news again. He’s a Republican who switched to the MAGA party for reasons that are not yet known. He sure was against Trump before he got the nomination. What happened?

He’s in the news because he reposted a photo of an insurrectionist inside the Capitol, face covered and wearing a MAGA hat, flashing something towards the security camera. Ah ha! It’s an FBI badge! Proof that the conspiracy theory is correct — the feds were in on it! Mike Lee said he couldn’t wait to ask FBI director Christopher Wray about it. Busted! It wasn’t an FBI badge. It was a vape pen and it wasn’t a fed, it was a MAGA from Illinois. Kevin Lyons was sentenced to 51 months in jail for being an idiot (the guy also stole a wallet he found in a pocket of a jacket inside Pelosi’s office plus a framed photo of the late great civil rights giant, Congressman John Lewis). The original post was made by Derrick Evans. He was part of the attack on the Capitol and was sentenced to 3 months. He had just been sworn in to the West Virginia House of Delegates before taking part in the insurrection. Now he is running for Congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene reposted it too but took it down after getting roasted online .

Mike Lee picked a fight with Liz Cheney on social media. He accused her and the Select Committee of withholding video of the feds inside the Capitol on January. He has called for an investigation into the January 6 Select Committee.

The Select Committee’s report revealed that Mike Lee was involved in the fake electors plot and that he spent a month on the scheme. They had texts of him letting Mark Meadows know that he was spending 14 hours a day contacting state legislators about the plan. Rudy called him after the riot was over. Lee said he should be exonerated because in the end he didn’t go along with it.

Mike Lee asked Trump for a pardon.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Mike Lee not only tried to help Trump overturn the 2020 election, he took campaign donations from 3 fake electors in Arizona. Sounds like he was multi-tasking 14 hours a day — campaigning and asking for money while planning a coup.

Lee pushed Meadows to help Sidney Powell get access to Trump. How did he know Sidney Powell? Now that she’s taken a plea deal in the Georgia RICO case, she has to cooperate fully which means Mike Lee’s name is going to come up.

Senator Mitt Romney from Utah refused to endorse Mike Lee for re-election in Utah last year.

Mike Lee kept senators up all night a few days agao siding with Tubby the Tuba Tommy Tuberville. He tried to keep senators from passing the hundreds of nominations that Tuberville has been blocking. Lee said he did it for “the babies.” Mike Lee voted against extending Biden’s child tax credit that was designed to protect babies. He voted against helping poor moms get baby formula.

Why would Mike Lee scratch Tuberville’s back like this? Could it be about the feds closing in on them about January 6? Trump accidentally called Mike Lee when he meant to call Tuberville while the Capitol was under attack. There is no record of that call which means that the record was tampered with. In Senate hearings he has expressed concern about investigators accessing phone metadata from January 6.

Jack Smith hasn’t gotten to all of the Republicans in Congress who were in on the coup attempt. Mike Lee is one of them. He’s going to be in the news way more than for retweeting conspiracy theories.



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