These Modern Times

The criminal returned to the scene of the crime. Before he left he told the press that it was a “terrific opportunity.”

Trump went to El Paso and Dayton even though he was asked not to. He imposed himself on victims and hospital staff to get campaign photos and video of him doing the thumbs up with nurses and people who had just been shot. The legitimate press was not allowed in so the only documentation we have of his visit is seen through the lens of his campaign, paid for with tax dollars and produced by the White House. Within hours, his campaign video was all over his Twitter page, set to music.

Trump made his trip to El Paso and Dayton about him. He avoided citizens, signed autographs, attacked city leaders behind their backs, and talked about himself incessantly. Grief, pain, suffering and fear are lost on him. He doesn’t care.

Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino, said “The President was treated like a rock star inside the hospital, which was all caught on video. They all loved seeing their great President!”

He insane tweeted before, in between, and after visits such as this: Just left Dayton, Ohio, where I met with the Victims & families, Law Enforcement, Medical Staff & First Responders. It was a warm & wonderful visit. Tremendous enthusiasm & even Love. Then I saw failed Presidential Candidate (0%) Sherrod Brown & Mayor Whaley totally…

Trump told Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown that he wanted to give special awards to the officers for their bravery. The mayor suggested a better idea - “‘The best thing that you can do for them is to get these guns off the streets so they don’t have to face them.”

Trump says there is no public appetite for that.

America could really use a president right now.

Walmart employees are staging a walkout to protest the store’s gun sales. This is a huge sacrifice because Walmart won’t let their employees unionize. They’ll probably get fired.

Fucker Carlson called white supremacy a hoax on his show. He said it to Trump because he knew he’d be watching. Hoax is Trump’s word. Keep feeding the modern times animals, Fox.

A 39 year old MAGA in Montana attacked a 13 year old boy at a rodeo because the kid didn’t remove his hat during the national anthem. He body slammed him to the ground and cracked his skull sending him to the hospital.

Joe Biden made a speech in Iowa where he called Trump out and said what most people who don’t attack kids at rodeos or get their pictures taken with white nationalists on the job are saying and thinking - “Our president has more in common with George Wallace than with George Washington.”

ICE conducted 7 raids in food processing plants in Mississippi and arrested 680 workers — the largest workplace raid in a decade. It was the first day of school. Kindergarteners came home to no parents. Children were left alone in the streets crying for help, dependent on the charity of neighbors and strangers.

ICE deported a 41 year old man who was born in Greece but had lived in the US since he was a baby. They sent him to Iraq. He had never lived there and didn’t speak Arabic. He knew no one and was left homeless with untreated Type 1 diabetes. He died. The man was raised, schooled, worked and paid taxes in the US his entire life.

Chaos erupted when a crowd at Times Square New York heard a motorcycle backfire and thought it was gun shots. They ran for their lives in every direction, in a panic. These are our modern times. When a motorcycle backfires our first thought isn’t it’s a motorcycle backfiring, it’s somebody has a gun. RUN.

Meanwhile, Fox is reporting on “Masculinity in Modern Times.”

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