More Kids, More Guns

Spike Dolomite
5 min readDec 3, 2021
Nothing says Republican Christmas like a midnight service celebrating the birth of Republican Jesus on Christmas Eve and then waking up on Christmas morning to find that Santa left everybody a new gun!

Congress voted to keep the government open until February. The American government has been downgraded to a month to month agreement. No long term lease. The Republicans have fixed it so the government functions on a month to month basis until they get the right people in all 3 branches so they can just buy it. During debate to stay open through Christmas, Republicans heckled and booed Democratic Congresswoman Norma Torres when she got up to speak. One of them yelled out, “Let’s go Brandon!”

The new covid variant omicron has been detected in San Francisco, New York and Minnesota just as anti-vaxxers have found a new miracle cure for themselves - rubbing landfill dirt on themselves and then eating it. They’re ingesting lead now to own the libs.

After Trump called Mark Meadows’ book “fake news” Mark Meadows went on Newsmax and agreed, his book is fake news. He’s not going to be able to give that stupid book away, not even as MAGA stocking stuffers for Republican Christmas.

The shitty kid who shot up his school in Michigan will be tried as an adult. His mom is a MAGA. She wrote an open letter to Trump in 2016 praising him for being pro-gun: “As a female and a realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms. Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions.” Her husband bought the gun their kid used 4 days before he murdered his classmates. Now they both could be charged along with their son. Good. It’s about time that gun nuts start paying for their gun nut childrens’ crimes. She blamed Obama and immigrants for her misery. “I cannot afford to buy into this Obamacare. For my family its over $600 a month with deductibles. We bust our ass Mr. Trump… We are good fucking Americans that cannot get ahead. And what makes me sick, is people that come over here from other countries and get free everything…….I have NEVER had this much belief in one person, and you are it.” She signed her letter, “A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.”

Holy Mother Mary of Republican Jesus.

If shitty parents who raised shitty kids were held responsible for raising a killer, that would most definitely bring the death rate down. So too should parents be held criminally liable if their kids get ahold of a gun inside their very own home and accidently shoot and kill a sibling. No more sympathy for the parents for this being a tragic accident. It should be a crime to leave a loaded gun lying around your house. IT’S A CRIME TO ENDANGER KIDS.

Speaking of endangering kids, Jeffrey Epstein’s housekeeper testified in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and confirmed that he knew the victim who has already testified, validating her story. She was 14 when she was first used for sex by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. They introduced her to a lot of famous men including Bill Clinton, Mike Wallace and Trump. The housekeeper even drove her to Mar-a-Lago to deliver her to Trump. The estate’s employee handbook instructed employees never to look at Epstein in the eye and when speaking to Ghislaine Maxwell they were to refer to her as the lady of the house. Teens and young women walked around the mansion topless. One of his duties was cleaning up the “massage room” after Epstein was done raping children, including sanitizing sex toys for the next “massage.”

Kyle Rittenhouse and his mom got invited to Mar-a-Lago to get a thumbs up picture with Trump.

Kids and guns — only in America.

Speaking of sex trafficking children, if women are going to be forced to have children they do not want, more kids will end up in foster care and the foster care system in America is already a horrible mess. Foster kids are lost and neglected children. In some cases, the system even loses track of kids. More kids are going to be abandoned and tossed around in foster care if the government outlaws abortion. Some will fall victim to child sex trafficking BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FOSTER KIDS. If the Catholic Supreme Court forces more children into foster care then that would amount to state sanctioned child sex trafficking. Even if they’re not trafficked for sex the state will put them up for sale for adoption. That’s child trafficking, isn’t it?

When Any Coney Barrett talks about adoption she means babies being sold to Christian homes, not gay ones.

New law in Texas: Doctors can not prescribe abortion pills after 7 weeks of pregnancy. It’s now a felony. If they do it, they’ll go to jail for 2 years and pay a $10,000 fine.

What is Texas going to do with all of these unwanted kids? Use them for target practice?

For 20 years, reproductive rights and voting rights have eroded significantly while gun rights have gotten dangerously more robust. Children are hunting each other at school with their parents’ guns and few are doing anything to stop it.

Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut has been trying to stop it. He has been fighting for gun legislation ever since Sandy Hook happened in his state 9 years ago. Everytime there is a mass shooting he has something to say about it. He’s weary, but undeterred. After a lunatic drove to El Paso to shoot as many immigrants as possible over 2 years ago he said, “These shooters, contemplating mass slaughter, take note of their government’s inaction, and they infer this silence as endorsement.” Nevertheless, he keeps bringing legislation up and he keeps getting shot down. The last time he tried was 2 days ago. Chuck Grassley objected when he brought up universal background checks.

We shoot kids in America.

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