House Democrats announced they will begin public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into Trump next Wednesday. Smart.

Trump asked Bill Barr to do a press conference to tell everybody that he did nothing wrong with Ukraine and Barr said no. Asking the Attorney General to do something like this is completely unethical and an abuse of power. And really dumb.

The Republicans want to put Gym Jones and Matt Gaetz on the Intelligence Committee but they’re not intelligent enough.

Jurors heard about Steve Bannon, Jerome Corsi, Julian Assange, Fox News and InfoWars during Day 2 of Roger Stone’s trial. Roger Stone sent Steve Bannon a message saying he had an idea on how to help Trump but it would be really ugly. Bannon said, alright! Let’s do it!

And the dumb ass said, “WikiLeaks. I love Wikileaks!”

The House will ask questions about Mike Pence’s role in the Ukraine controversy today. His top aide, Jennifer Williams, is expected to testify. Dun dun dun dumb……!

Gordon Sondland already admitted that he and Mike Pence hand delivered Trump’s quid pro quo demands to Ukrainian government officials. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb go to Ukraine.

Dum Dum Senate Republicans are holding an impeachment strategy retreat at Trump’s DC hotel today. Protestors are meeting in front of the White House with pots and pans and sticks and a variety of other noise makers to march to the hotel and raise hell.

Republicans thinking that Trump will pardon them if necessary? Arrogant and dumb.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy took to the stage at the Louisiana MAGA rally in what looked like a high school gymnasium and said this about Nancy Pelosi: “I don’t mean any disrespect but it must suck to be that dumb.”

John Kennedy was one of the 8 members of Congress who went to Russia on the 4th of July. Must suck to be that dumb.

It sucks that his name is John Kennedy.

Talk about dumb — Jeff Sessions has decided to challenge Doug Jones for his old Senate seat in Alabama. All Doug has to do is run actual clips of Trump insulting him, getting grilled by Kamala Harris during the Senate confirmation hearings, and standing at the border spewing hateful policy rhetoric of how he was going to prosecute parents with their children if they dared come here. Doug pretty much has this in the bag and Sessions hasn’t even formally announced his run yet.

Junior tweeted out the supposed whistle blower’s name. That’s not only dumb, but it’s illegal and puts the whistle blower in immediate danger. Outing the whistleblower this way doesn’t just create an enemy for Trump to go after, it’s also a strategy to silence future whistleblowers. This is mob stuff. Junior belongs in jail.

Today’s defense of Trump by the Republicans is Trump is too dumb to do any of the things he’s accused of and so are all of the boobs associated with him like Roger Stone and Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi and Rudy Giuliani and, and, and, what a bunch of idiots.

A county in Florida will no longer carry the New York Times in their public libraries because it’s “fake news.” The real news is nobody thought Florida could dumb itself down anymore than it has but it just did.

Trump supporters are sick and tired of being called dumb.

Everybody needs to watch the televised impeachment inquiry hearings to get up to speed on what kind of man is sitting in the Oval Office and who he has working for him. This will be news to a lot of people who have ignored the news. America, turn on your TVs! Your reality TV star president is being impeached on TV! Yes, TV!!!!!!!

Seeing the impeachment hearings on TV won’t persuade MAGAs though. They’re hopeless.

“No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot” — Mark Twain

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