Murderous Intent

The probe into the riot at the Capitol is now the largest investigation in US history. Prosecutors say that the rioters’ intent “was to capture and assassinate elected officials.”

Washington DC has been militarized to keep Americans safe from other Americans. The city has prepared for armed battle with more troops than are currently deployed in foreign countries. This was a planned attack that was well funded and organized by various cells who were brought together by the president of the United States. Al Queda and ISIS could never have gotten close to the US Capitol but the MAGA mob got inside and they murdered a cop.

Former CIA director John Brennan says there is no question that there was some sort of interference in the chain of command for security. The intelligence was there but the execution was not. The Capitol was a soft target because somebody made sure it was.

There are some Democrats in Congress who are genuinely worried that some of their Republican colleagues want to murder them. Nancy Pelosi has asked retired Lieutenant General Russell Honoré, who took the lead on Katrina, to take the lead on the attack on the US government by conducting an immediate review of security infrastructure, interagency processes and command and control. She held a press conference and said, “If in fact it is found that members of Congress were accomplices to this insurrection, if they aided and abetted the crime, there may have to be actions taken beyond the Congress in terms of prosecution for that.”

Everybody involved in the insurrection must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to insure that it never happens again, from the low life idiot who got wrapped up in the excitement of it all on the internet to the terrorist cell organizers, to Capitol Hill Police, to members of Congress, to the Commander in Chief. The message needs to be received loud and clear that no one is above the law — not even the president.

We have nobody but dumb fucks running the country right now. The good news is the dumb fucks running the country right now are too dumb to pull off a coup. They need to be taught a lesson that will make them regret what they did every day of their lives or else the Republicans will install someone after Trump who is actually smart next time who will surround himself with smart traitors and enemy combatants who could actually pull off a coup and get away with murder.

“Martial Law is trending, which reminds us once again that history is not the story of smart people disagreeing smartly, but in large part the story of stupid people doing things out of gross misconception of the facts.” — John Rehling

Speaking of stupid people, the My Pillow Guy is Trump’s only ally. Everybody else has either left the building, resigned, or been fired. He went to the White House yesterday without his pillow to talk to Trump about Martial Law.

The cop who survived being almost beaten to death by the MAGA mob has told his story. He told reporters that they screamed, “Kill him with his own gun!” He knew there was no way out because he was outnumbered, so he appealed to anyone there who might have some humanity left in them by crying out that he had kids. A few people came to for a second and intervened to pull attackers off of him so they didn’t murder him. To that he said, “Thank you, but fuck you for being there.”

More is coming out about the insurgents who have been arrested so far. The ex-Air Force Officer who brought zip ties was turned in by his ex-wife. Turns out he had been fired from his job earlier for making racist threats and saying that he “had not killed anyone for a while.” The real estate agent from Texas, Jenna Ryan, lost her job and got arrested. Now she feels put out and betrayed because she only took a private jet to DC for Trump. Now she wants Trump to give her and everybody that showed up at the Capitol on his behalf pardons. MAGA Mob Karen feels persecuted! The vegan QAnon shaman’s attorney said his client really believed he was being called to defend the president by the president himself. One of the other guys who wore horns on the day of the insurrection screamed out that their aim was “to get congressional leaders!”

Rioters were a minute away from kidnapping or murdering Mike Pence. He and his family had just been rushed to safety 60 seconds (100 feet) before the mob got to the Senate.

Hard core anti-abortion activists can be added to the Capitol terrorist network. They were there too. They had taken their cause from saving zygotes from being murdered to murdering members of Congress.

State senator Doug Mastriano from Pennsylvania was there but he swears he didn’t go to the Capitol to murder anybody. He didn’t even go inside!

Is everybody going to use the “I’m an idiot MAGA” defense for attempting to overthrow the US government and murder legislators? “I’m a gullible idiot who spends too much time on the idiot side of the internet all day so I can’t be held responsible for following the idiot crowd plus I can’t go to jail because I’m white and my white privilege should mean an automatic pardon.”

The judge presiding over the vegan QAnon Shaman’s bail hearing agreed with the government when he told the defendent that he was “an active participant in a violent insurrection to overthrow the US government.”

The insurrection has pushed the horrific prediction that 477,000 Americans could be dead by February 6 from the Trump Plague out of the headlines. It’s murderous intent by a monster who needs to be prosecuted as such.

The murderous NRA filed for bankruptcy just as a murderous fascist is leaving the White House while the GOP implodes and the Democrats take control of both houses which will vote on a comprehensive background checks proposal that has 90% public support. The NRA is under investigation by Congress, state lawmakers and the IRS for financial misconduct, tax fraud, campaign finance violations, and serving as a foreign asset. Their non-profit status is in jeopardy. They have chosen shoot ’em up Texas to relocate and rebuild because they believe they can get away with murder there.

4 days until Trump supporters in Congress who think they have almost gotten away with murder can be charged with attempted murder.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.