Neck and Neck

The Republican activist Supreme Court ruled that the US government had power over Indian Sovereign Nations and sided with red states and coal companies to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

“With yesterday’s decision gutting the EPA power to reduce climate change, the Court is no longer just a corrupt right wing oppressor of women. Now they have graduated to become the enemy of the future of all mankind.” — Governor Howard Dean

Once again, the US government, this time with the help of the Supreme Court, broke a treaty with tribal nations. How many broken treaties does that make now? Every single one?

SCOTUS summary for the week: Stripped constitutional rights from half the population and reduced women to second class citizens with the reversal of Roe v Wade, fixed it so states can no longer regulate guns, torched the earch by making it possible for the Environmental Protection Agency to not be able to protect the air and atmosphere in order to placate the dying coal industry, ripped open old genocidal wounds by going back to the time when white man’s law trumped tribal law, and enabled cops with getting away with not reading Miranda rights. The Federalist Society sure got its money’s worth this week.

“The Supreme Court has gone rogue. We are in a full-blown Constitutional crisis. Congress must act. And we must pressure Congress to act, while it still can.” — Heather Cox Richardson

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas asserted that covid vaccines were derived from the cells of “aborted children.” No, you idiot, you aren’t being injected with aborted dead babies, or microchips for that matter, when you get inoculated for a deadly disease. Where would he get an idea like that? His wife, Ginni, who he swears he doesn’t talk business with? The one who attended the Stop the Steal rally, texted Trump’s chief of staff about the planned insurrection for weeks and has refused to testify before the congressional Select Committee?

“I’ve been a political activist and a troublemaker for a long time.”- Pain in the Neck Ginni Thomas

Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in as the next Associate Justice of the white supremacist Supreme Court. People didn’t celebrate that much because she has to sit next to racist, misogynist, homophobic, lying members of the American Christian Taliban who have the power to destroy America.

It’s been four days since Cassidy Hutchinson testified and not a single Republican has stuck their neck out to express their outrage over Trump having full knowledge that the crowd was armed and he was planning on going with them to storm the Capitol. Not one.

Former acting attorney general, smartass pain in the neck Matt Whittaker, the bald guy who only lasted a month who wouldn’t answer questions during a congressional hearing and made an ass out of himself by being cocky and juvenile, and had to be scolded and called back a second time to answer questions works for the Missouri law firm Graves Garrett now and has been “advising” witnesses who have been called before the Select Committee. Todd Graves, who also works at Graves Garrett, is the brother of sitting congressman Sam Graves who represents Missouri’s 6th district.

Some of the money that Trump has been milking his followers out of has been going towards hiring lawyers for witnesses who have been called by the Select Committee to testify. Their job is to coach them to say all of the right things to keep Trump out of trouble. Cassidy’s first lawyer was one such lawyer. After she dumped them and got a new lawyer, she testified and the rest is history. Cassidy Hutchison made history for being the first to stick her neck out.

The two messages that the Select Committee projected on the screen at the end of the hearing to show how potential witnesses were being threatened so they either wouldn’t testify or they remained “loyal,” were put forth anonymously but then later it was discovered those texts were from Mark Meadows to Cassidy. The gist of them were you better remain loyal and Trump is watching you.

Mitch McConnell didn’t take to the Senate floor to demand extra security for Cassidy Hutchinson.

The Trumplicans are freaking out, terrified that they’ll be raided by federal agents at any moment. They’re worried about their necks. That’s a small comfort.



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