The first thing Trump’s all white male legal team did when they took to the Senate floor was say that Trump did nothing wrong. Patrick Philbin called Adam Schiff a liar and Justice Roberts just sat there. They wrapped it up after 2 hours. What for? Are they saving their remaining 22 hours for prime time to appease the reality TV president so he won’t ring their necks or are they cutting themselves off because they’re afraid that they’ll talk too much and accidentally incriminate their client like when Philbin said that Republicans are denying due process by not allowing witnesses and evidence? A rag tag team of bumbling dipshits.

Meanwhile, the House managers delivered 28,000 pages of trial records to the Senate.

A new 80 minute videotape has turned up of Trump having dinner with Lev Parnas telling him to “get rid of” a US ambassador. What does he mean by “get rid of?” Lev can’t fire her since he doesn’t actually work for the government so get rid of her must mean get rid of her.

Trump also asked Lev Parnas how long Ukraine could “last in a fight with Russia” without US aid, proving that Trump knew in 2018 that Putin would overrun Ukraine without US aid and also proving that Trump not only knows Lev Parnas, but he takes advice from him. This is in your face bombshell stuff that the Republicans will ignore just like they’ve ignored everything else.

Rudy went on Jeanine Pirro’s show to accuse Ambassador Yovanovitch of being “a Hillary Clinton for president partisan” who tried to fix four cases plus helped George Soros’s company. He says he has it all on tape. Bring it on. Give Rudy more tape to hang himself with.

The DC attorney general has charged the rubberneck Trump inaugural committee and the Trump Organization with using charitable funds to enrich the Trump family. The inaugural committee knowingly overpaid for space in the Trump International Hotel to line Trump’s pockets. Federal employee Ivanka Trump skimmed money from the inaugural fund with Rick Gates’ help. Republicans will ignore it.

Speaking of Ivanka, how’d she get such a long neck? Is it from holding her nose high up in the air for 38 years or did she get her head stuck in the Trump Tower elevator door when it was going up?

A video just surfaced of Trump’s spiritual advisor, Paula White, giving a crookneck sermon. “We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now!” Abortion is OK if a self proclaimed redneck messiah commands it.

The Republicans are straightening their Trump 2020 neckties and rehearsing their talking points in anticipation for the week ahead. NOBODY is going to stick their neck out for the country. Nobody. Republicans will need to wear a neck brace in order to hold their heads up before this is all over.

Our day begins with the president threatening a sitting member of Congress on Twitter: Shifty Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!

Republican senators want us to believe that Trump never threatened them with taking a mid-evil guillotine to their necks and putting their heads on pikes.

The gooseneck Republicans can and have ignored everything that Trump has said and done but were obsessed and fixated on Clinton lying about giving an intern a pearl necklace.

“Think about this; a US congressman will need even more security because of a tweet from a President. In a real trial, the judge would warn the defendant’s lawyers about implied calls to harm the prosecutor, and would eventually gag the defendant.” — Frank Figliuzzi

When Trump calls Adam Schiff Pencil Neck Adam Schiff, Adam Schiff ignores him. When he tweets that he hasn’t paid a price yet, Adam Schiff calls that a threat. A very serious threat.

A very serious threat that the Republicans will ignore.

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