Need Those Votes

Spike Dolomite
5 min readApr 26, 2020

Trump is like a caged animal, pacing back and forth in the White House, panting and drooling and looking for a way out. He’s desperate for attention but somehow somebody got through to him that he needs to shut up now. It’s not going to last and we all know it. The pressure is mounting. He’s gonna blow.

He’s freaking out on Twitter: I never said the pandemic was a Hoax! Who would say such a thing? I said that the Do Nothing Democrats, together with their Mainstream Media partners, are the Hoax. They have been called out & embarrassed on this, even admitting they were wrong, but continue to spread the lie!

And this: What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately. They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!

And this: Was just informed that the Fake News from the Thursday White House Press Conference had me speaking & asking questions of Dr. Deborah Birx. Wrong, I was speaking to our Laboratory expert, not Deborah, about sunlight etc. & the CoronaVirus. The Lamestream Media is corrupt & sick!

He’s got the media in his sights. It’s not the media’s fault that there is no pandemic response team. It’s not the media’s fault that Trump spent 2 months ignoring the virus so he could commit political genocide as an act of revenge against those who impeached him. It’s not the media’s fault that people can’t get tested. It’s not the media’s fault that they aren’t being given accurate information.

Fox doesn’t consider itself to be part of the media and neither does its viewers. Tucker Carlson suggested that the death count isn’t accurate because journalists play around with the numbers. What’s that supposed to mean? The coronavirus is a hoax, just the flu, or blown out of proportion?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters is sick of all the coverage New York is getting. He says New York isn’t America and the media only cares about New York because everybody in the media lives there. Jesse Watters lives in New York. Fox News is in New York. Everybody that works there lives in New York.

On March 3 Jesse Watters said, “I’m not afraid of the coronavirus and no one else should be that afraid either.” On April 1 he got scared of the virus and said that Democrats and the media repeatedly downplayed the coronavirus threat.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Laura Ingraham is telling her viewers that the Left doesn’t want things to go back to normal because they’re still mad that Trump was elected and Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Trump is getting squirrely all cooped up in the White House. He hasn’t golfed or done a MAGA rally since COVID-45 ruined his life. His aides are trying to figure out how to entertain him by letting him do “special events.” How do we let him go play outside without the media finding out?

Missouri and Mississippi are suing China over the coronavirus. Both states say that China didn’t do enough to curb the outbreak. Missouri and Mississippi aren’t doing enough to curb the outbreak. If blaming China doesn’t work, there’s always the media.

26 million people have filed for unemployment.

Jared Kushner has confiscated more PPE for HIS national stockpile. Nobody knows where any of it has been going for weeks. Prior to Jared taking over, PPE went to the “highest bidders” forcing states to compete with each other and foreign countries. The Trump crime family is selling critical medical gear, paid for with our tax dollars, and denying America’s healthcare workers the protective equipment they need to do their jobs without getting killed for doing their jobs.

Not a single shipment of N95 masks arrived at US ports during the month of March. Federal agencies waited until mid-March to start placing bulk orders for supplies that were needed back in January.

America is a third world shit hole country now. Hospitals need to hire the Hells Angels to protect their PPE shipments from the federal government.

Trump’s re-election campaign is freaking out because the coronavirus is starting to spread to his base. It’s one thing for people living in the coastal blue states to suffer and die, but it’s quite another for MAGAs in red states to start dying off. They need those votes.

It was less than 3 months ago when the Republicans in the Senate had the chance to convict and remove Trump to save not only the country, but tens of thousands of people’s lives. Because they cared more about their own party and careers, they chose to acquit him, keep him in office, empower him, and convince him that he could get with anything including murder. He has. The coronavirus was already here when they acquitted him. It was spreading when they made those votes and they knew it. Some of them even cashed in on it by selling and buying stock that would be impacted by the pandemic.

The GOP has blood on its hands. More blood is coming. Now what are they going to do? They need those votes.

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