New York Indictment

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 21, 2023


Trump will be indicted this week in New York. He ranted on Truth Social. in all caps that today is the day he was going to be arrested and called for “protests” on his behalf. “We have to take our nation back!” He “leaked” this just like he leaked the FBI raiding Mar a Lago so he can get out ahead of the story and make himself the victim. He threw in liberal Jewish billionaire George Soros for good measure. In New York. It’s doubtful that he’ll be arrested today but the metal barricades have been put in place in front of the Manhattan courthouse and all of NYPD has been told to be in uniform by 7 a.m. today. They’re ready for Trump’s idiot followers to show up. So far a small handful have gathered at the courthouse and Trump Tower. They have to be extra stupid to show up for Trump this time. Anyone who drives into Manhattan to avenge him will be picked up on toll bridge cameras. Every person that takes the metro, Long Island rail road, the grand central line or Amtrak will have hundreds of videos and photos taken of them before they can ever get near Trump Tower.

New York hates Trump’s guts. They always have but now he’s no longer welcome in his home state.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg sent out a memo in response to Trump’s call for violence — “we do not tolerate attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law in New York.” Bragg isn’t messing around.

Alvin Bragg is staying out of the limelight which frustrates people because we’ve been living in a reality TV show since 2016, starring Trump and we’re used to seeing everything in front of us.

Trump didn’t pardon any of the January 6th participants when he had the chance, but this time it will be different, right? He’ll have the backs of his cult followers who commit crimes in his name now, when he has less power, right? Many of them who would show up in New York are already in jail or stuck at home wearing ankle bracelets.

He wants people protesting to take our nation back over him paying off a porn star in the form of a check written to Michael Cohen inside the Oval Office. Michael Cohen, his personal attorney and fixer, took out a loan against his house to pay for her silence and because Trump is such a grifting cheap ass he wanted to take the $130,000 as a legal expense. He got busted for something he’s been doing for decades. Michael Cohen already went to jail for this — 3 years.

Trump will have lots of Secret Service and will not be handcuffed when he is arrested. But he will be fingerprinted and have his mug shot taken, just like any other common criminal. Trump has been a free man for 2 years and 2 months ever since he incited an insurrection.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis said he wouldn’t do anything to impede Trump’s extradition to New York. That has Steve Bannon really worked up this morning on his podcast. He thinks that Ron DeSantis should be protecting Trump.

At first Kevin McCarthy said that indicting Trump was an abuse of power by a radical DA and wanted his MAGA men to investigate then he said there shouldn’t be any protests.

Mike Pence is defending Trump again, even though he’s a tight ass Christian who is not into porn for religious reasons. He called it a political prosecution similar to to what they endured with the Russian hoax and witch hunt.

Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden will not be arrested today.

Republicans are saying that if they can come for Trump they can come for you. That’s true. Nobody is above the law.

There was a time when paying hush money to a porn star you had an affair with while your wife was home. with your newborn recovering from childbirth in order to win a presidential election would end your political career. This is very serious but it doesn’t feel like it because his other crimes are so big.

Trump is about to drag the country into a whole new history making scandal — the indictment of a former president for paying off a porn star.

Trump has announced that his “first” presidential MAGA rally for his 2024 run will be in Waco Texas on March 25, the site where a cult took on the federal government and lost.



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