One of the stars of the Democratic Party, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, has resigned in disgrace. While this is a humiliating professional and personal failure for Cuomo, it’s also a scar on the party, an abuse of power, a big disappointment to the people of his state, a betrayal of liberal values due to his blatant sexist maltreatment of women, and it also makes clear that accountability is for one party only and it’s not the Republican Party. Unlike the GOP who all stand by their man whenever they’re outed for sexual assault, the Dems aren’t covering for him, making excuses for him, or pretending like he didn’t do what he did. No no no no nope.

The new governor of New York will be Kathy Hochul, the current Lt Governor, a woman who has fallen into each new position she’s had in government because the men who had the position before her behaved badly and had to resign over sex scandals. She’s a quiet, experienced, hard worker and will show up for work in 2 weeks without any baggage.

Women in politics don’t tend to carry baggage for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they get into politics for the right reasons, to make change, not because they want power. They think twice before running for office because it costs women way more than men to serve the public. They don’t get into office and leave the child rearing and home life to husbands. THEY DO IT ALL. They have to be tougher then men emotionally and mentally because they’re told all the time that they won’t make it. They have to work twice as hard as men to prove themselves so they can’t afford to be reckless. Kathy Hochul is primed and ready to be governor of New York. There’s no way she’s going to screw this up. Nope. No way.

It’s a real shame that Andrew Cuomo let his wiener get the best of him for that will be his legacy. He did a great job leading New York through mass death and he helped calm the nation when the president wouldn’t. That won’t be his legacy now. Men can be such dicks. Ya no!

Speaking of dicks and governors, Ron DeSantis is downplaying the covid crisis in his state even though he’s being called out about it often and to his face. He pretended not to know about the 300 ventilators he asked Biden for and is drilling down on personal choice over government mandates. “We’re gonna do whatever we can to vindicate the rights of parents.” Not all parents, mind you. Just the parents who will vote for him. The other parents, who are scared to death of sending their kids to school without masks, don’t matter. He votes no for them.

More people have died in Florida from covid (40,000) than voted for Ron DeSantis in 2018 (32,000.)

Do not travel to Florida! It is one of the top 5 worst epicenters in the world for covid. It’s one of 39 states that meet the criteria for the CDC’s “do not travel” warnings. If 5 of these 39 states were countries, they would be categorized at Level 4 for travel risk. All expenses paid vacation to Disneworld in Florida? Just say no.

Florida is in a state of emergency but Deathsantis hasn’t declared it as such because he’s running for President in 2024. Meanwhile in California, ballots have been mailed to recall Governor Newsom who has done an outstanding job of controlling covid in California. Repugs have abused the recall process and have cost taxpayers $270 million with this new election cheat trick. If Dems are too lazy to vote no on the recall, California could end up with Scott Baio or 100 year old Angelina or a dead Jim Jones or Caitlyn Jenner for governor. It’s not funny. Since there is NO WAY repugs can win in a legitimate, general election in California (which is happening next year anyway) they’re doing this. Hell no!

MAGAs, libtard haters, and evil Republicans who vote yes on the California recall will have their pick from 46 candidates to be the next governor. California could end up with someone worse than Trump or DeSantis who could win with a measly 7% of the vote! That’s insane. If the repug wins and 88 year old Dianne Feinstein dies or steps down in the next year, they will get to choose the next senator for California and flip the Senate red. Republicans have been working on this since Newsom was first elected. Vote NO!

Republicans are throwing money at right wing radio host and token black talking head on Fox News, Larry Elder, to be the next governor of California. He says that if elected, he will repeal California’s requirement that all health workers must be vaccinated on his first day and ban school mask mandates soon after. No!

Meanwhile in Florida’s sister state, Texas, burned out, exhausted hospital workers are zipping up body bags and turning sick people away at record rates because covid is out of control. The Republican governor and Republican state legislature have failed to protect the public from a deadly virus. They should be focused on fixing this but they’re not. Instead, they’re obsessed with revenge. The House Speaker signed arrest warrants for the Democrats who fled the state after breaking quorum so the repugs couldn’t vote to make laws so Democrats can’t vote. They’re obsessed with power. Dicks.

Speaking of Republican dicks in the Texas state legislature, after testing postivite for covid and being symptomatic, Travis Clarty showed up to vote at the Capitol so Republicans could break quorum to pass their voter suppression bill, spreading covid everywhere he breathed. Now we wait (insert diabolical emoji here.)

You no what they say — you don’t no until you do no and then you no.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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