No One Wants You

Three days before the scheduled private meeting between Trump and Putin, Robert Mueller dropped a truth bomb on the two of them by indicting 12 Russian military officers, accusing them of hacking into the Democratic National Committee to sabotage the 2016 presidential election.

Rod Rosenstein held a press conference to make the announcement. He called for people to look at this not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans. That’s not going to happen. Republicans are only concerned with saving their own asses. In fact, a couple of them are looking into impeaching Rod Rosenstein right now. That’s a Republican not so fun fact.

DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 are operations for the Russian military intelligence service of the armed forces (GRU). Guccifer 2.0 loving, alt-right swinging pinhead with a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, Roger Stone, better have a really good lawyer.

The Russians hacked state databases, affecting 500,000 voters. 70,000 votes threw the electoral college to Trump. Before that, Trump only had a 25% chance of winning. Trump is an illegitimate president installed by a foreign hostile power.

Hours after Trump made his infamous “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing” speech on July 27, 2016, the Russians found the missing emails. They released them 3 days before the Democratic National Convention to get the Dems fighting with each other. It worked. They hacked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s emails about Bernie and started a war between the Bernie and Hillary supporters. Bernie supporters turned on Hillary, even though Bernie asked them not to.

A member of Congress is wrapped up in this, too. Somebody running for Congress asked for and received stolen information to help their campaign. Trump just endorsed Sir Drunken Drivesalot Matt Gaetz from Florida who is a Trump groupie and really chummy with Roger Stone, so it must be him.

Trump’s tweet: “Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is one of the finest and most talented people in Congress. Strong on Crime, the Border, Illegal Immigration, the 2nd Amendment, our great Military & Vets, Matt worked tirelessly on helping to get our Massive Tax Cuts. He has my Full Endorsement!”

32 indictments so far, and more indictments are coming. Next up: US citizens.

Trump shrugged the indictments off, calling it a rigged witch hunt and said it hurts our relationship with Russia.

Mueller indicting 12 Russian military officers the day after the Strzok McCarthy hearings and 3 days before Trump’s private meeting with Putin puts Twitler between a rock and a hard place. If he’s nice to Putin, the world will see him as weak and guilty. If he’s tough, the world will see him as agreeing with Mueller. If he acknowledges the indictments he opens himself up to acknowledging that the election was rigged and thus he is an illegitimate president. Now he can’t come out of their secret meeting claiming that he built a bridge with Russia. He’s trapped.


While the news of the indictments was breaking, 250,000 Brits turned out to protest Trump’s visit. He’s gone from the most hated man in America to the most hated man in the world.

Trump met with the Queen after keeping her waiting for 15 minutes in the heat (she’s 92 years old.) He bumbled around, oblivious to proper protocol. He walked right in front of her, just like he does the Third Lady. Even people who could care less about pomp and circumstance were appalled.

Meanwhile at Fox News: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump meet the Queen II at Windsor Castle.

The whole world wished the queen would say, “Off with his head!”

After making a fool of himself in England, he zoomed off to Scotland to play golf at his golf course that everybody hates. No one knows where he got the $200 million to buy it and how he can afford to keep it open. It’s a money pit. The Scots don’t want him there. There was no formal welcome — no state ceremony. After landing at the airport, he just got in a car and drove to his empty golf course. One of the front pages of a Scottish newspaper read WE DON’T WANT YOU.

Trump’s mother was born in Scotland. She sailed to America in search of better opportunities and a new life. America did not say we don’t want you.

We don’t want her son.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.