No Plan

Our day begins with a tweet from the conman, criminal, impeached, grifter president: I was criticized by the Democrats when I closed the Country down to China many weeks ahead of what almost everyone recommended. Saved many lives. Dems were working the Impeachment Hoax. They didn’t have a clue! Now they are fear mongering. Be calm & vigilant!

His first thought on Monday morning with a rapidly spreading virus that is moving across the globe that could potentially kill a lot of people is not about US, but about him. His efforts to test, treat and control the virus has been botched because of his incompetence. He doesn’t have a plan. He’s going to get a lot of people killed.

He’s claiming now that he’s working with experts to find a cure for the coronavirus. You can’t cure a virus.

Mike Pence went on 3 Sunday morning news shows to spin the White House’s response to the coronavirus. He lied and said that they have tested 47,000 people at airports. There aren’t that many test kits. He danced around being asked about Junior accusing the Democrats of wanting millions of people to die to hurt his dad politically. No one asked Pence about how he failed at handling the HIV outbreak in Indiana when he was governor in 2015. That’s a good question and as usual, the media didn’t ask it. Mike Pence’s only plan is to carry out Trump’s plan — make Trump look good.

An investigation into the production of faulty coronavirus kits is underway. That’s just great. First there weren’t enough test kits and now the test kits are contaminated.

A second death from the coronavirus has been reported in Washington. It was a man in his 70s who was living in a nursing facility for seniors. Now people are afraid that the illness has spread undetected out into the Seattle suburbs for weeks.

New York has reported its first case.

What’s the plan? WHAT’S THE PLAN?

The port of Los Angeles is projecting a 25% drop in container volumes this month. The spread of the coronavirus is having an economic impact on shipping operations and the foreign supply chain. The impact is only beginning to be felt, hurting the only thing Trump cares about — the stock market.

Stores are running out of hand sanitizer and wipes. Amazon is gouging people.

10,000 US troops in South Korea have been placed in quarantine. South Korea has a plan. It has asked its citizens to stay indoors because the spread is getting worse.

The Pope skipped Lent this year because he has a bad cold. Popes never skip Lent.

France closed the Louvre Museum.

Trump fired the entire pandemic response chain of command chain in 2018. We have never been less prepared for a pandemic.

Trump’s plan is to tear down our institutions and destroy our government.

The Center of Disease Control told all but 2 California labs that they will not be allowed to test for the coronavirus and then it stupidly released a patient from the Texas Center for Infectious Disease who later tested positive, putting the entire community at risk. It doesn’t appear that the CDC has a plan.

We’re so used to Trump lying that we don’t pay any attention anymore. We expect it. What makes this time different is that thousands of people could die.

The public is immune to his lies and corruption. People have checked out which is all going to plan. When people are checked out it’s much easier to commit more crimes.

“It’s not hard to predict. If this pandemic gets out of control, if the administration’s incompetence creates a firestorm, they’ll blame immigrants, scapegoat fictitious “traitors”, and peddle wild conspiracy theories about biological weapons. It’s the authoritarian playbook.” — Jared Yates Sexton

Meanwhile, the Republicans are out there defending him and blaming the Democrats which is always their plan. Mike Huckabee says Trump “could personally sick the virus out of every one of the 60,000 people in the world, suck it out of their lungs, swim to the bottom of the ocean and spit it out, and he would be accused of pollution for messing up the ocean.”

Looks like Trump’s default plan could be enacted very soon, since nothing is else is working. Caravans filled with Mexican rapists, murderers and drug dealers should be headed our way soon to deflect against Trump bungling the health crisis. Either that or another imminent threat where the US will need to assassinate someone could be happening soon. Ratings aren’t good. Trump needs a different story line since his big announcement Saturday has already backfired. In the past 36 hours, the president of Afghanistan said he never agreed to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners and the Taliban say they’re reneging on Trump’s “peace plan.”

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.