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Spike Dolomite
4 min readFeb 6, 2021

It was exactly one year ago that Trump was acquitted by the Republiqans in the Senate after being impeached in the House. Next week the second impeachment of Trump will be tried in the Senate where it’s already been decided that he’ll be acquitted again. Ben Sasse, who voted to acquit last time is trying to separate himself from the traitorous GQP pack by saying, “Politics isn’t about the weird worship of one dude.” He’s facing censure by the Nebraska GQP. How is Ben going to blow smoke up America’s ass on this one? Does he weirdly worship the one dude or stick with the “Look at me, I’m not a lying sack of shit racist sexist traitor to the country! Vote for me!” and vote to acquit again?

Ben Sasse has been all in for Trump up until a few months ago. He voted to confirm very conservative Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court even though the public was overwhelmingly opposed to both. He has sponsored and co-sponsored quite a few anti-abortion bills, co-sponsored Joni Ernst’s bill to take into custody aliens who have killed Americans as if murder wasn’t already against the law but it was written at a time when Trump was getting people worked up about immigrants sneaking into the country to kill them, signed on to bullshit about religious freedom to make it legal for Republiqans to discriminate against people they don’t approve of, supported the resolution, “National Pregnancy Center Week” to commemorate the work such clinics do to “save lives.” He voted for Trump’s tax cuts for the filthy rich even though the richest man in his state, Warren Buffett, said it’s wrong that his secretary pays more income tax than he does and that he should be taxed. Ben Sasse is not a good guy. Smoke and mirrors.

After 4 excruciating years of giving Trump and the Republiqans a pass on everything, a few reporters have mustered up the courage to ask really tough questions such as “Why is the president flying to Delaware this weekend?” Answer — because he’s from there.

The press never really called Trump out for golfing every weekend at his own properties at tax payers’ expense. That was just Trump blowing smoke rings and having a little fun.

When asked about Biden progressing on his goal to “unite” people, Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the press that President Biden ran on uniting the country, not Congress. He’s not going to ask them to smoke a peace pipe. He’s not the Republiqan whisperer.

Biden has been very successful at staying out of feuds on the Hill, not commenting on the stupid stuff that high profile Republiqans are doing and saying, Q, impeachment, or Trump. He’s running a tight ship and getting stuff done in record time. Don’t bother him with bullshit because he’s got no time for it plus he’s really not interested. Smokey the Bear says only YOU can prevent Capitol Hill fires.

Repuliqans….do the world a favor. If you must smoke, please don’t exhale.

Biden says Trump will not be privy to any intelligence briefings because he can’t be trusted. No smoke signals for you, dumb ass.

Fox abruptly cancelled racist Lou Dobbs’ Show after Smartmatic filed its $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against them. Lying is finally turning out to be not so profitable post Trump. Voting machine companies are gonna smoke them all out!!!!

Richard Shelby, the old white male Republican senator from Alabama who led a trip to Moscow on July 4, 2018 for Republiqans and never explained why, may throw in the towel and not run again in 2022. That makes 4 Republiqan senators to say “I’m out.” So what’s it gonna be, Alabama? A Russian asset, another dumb jock who doesn’t read the news when it snows, a racist pedophile, or somebody who knows what they’re doing and won’t shame your state and the nation? Smoking or non?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is laughing in everybody’s face after being kicked off of committees and is bragging about having more time she has now to make more trouble. She plans on being “more political” and called the Democrats plus the 11 Republicans who voted against her “morons.”

Speaking of morons, Matt Gaetz went on Fox News and said Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speech was so good he felt like smoking a cigarette afterwards.

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