If you listen to this guy, this is on you

People who have deliberately chosen not to get vaccinated because they believe it’s their own personal choice and some sort of inherent right, and that being unvaccinated only effects them, are killing people. They’re spreading the virus. Even if they end up getting a mild case of it and don’t end up in the hospital, it’s highly likely that someone they spread it to did. Every infected person passes it on to 2–6 people who then go on to infect 2–6 people, who infect 2–6 people and so on. They all won’t be as lucky as the smug guy who started the infection chain. 1 in 10 of the people that were infected who end up in the hospital will die. People dying of covid (or from anything else because there wasn’t room for them at the hospital) are the responsibility of the smug shits who believe it’s their right not get to get vaccinated.

The needless suffering and dying is on you.

The whole state of Alaska is on crisis standard of care which forces doctors to have to choose who will get life saving care and who won’t. The psychological impact of having to make that kind of decision is on you, smug shits.

The physical and mental exhaustion of health care workers all across the country is on you.

The burned out nurses and teachers who have had it with the threats and abuse by shitty smug people and have decided to quit their jobs is on you.

If you assume that a hospital bed will be available for you if you get sick with covid because your unearned advantages that you have enjoyed all of your life have always guaranteed you a spot at the front of the line, denying others a place in line, and now they will subsequently die this time, is on you.

If you vaccinate your pets but have refused the covid vaccine for yourself, this is on you.

If you think you’re smarter than everybody else because “you do your own research” by googling and getting your news from social media, Fox News and right wing radio, this is on you.

If innocent children dying of covid doesn’t get to you, this is on you.

If you think all lives matter (especially yours), this is on you.

If you think that “my body my choice” pertains to your right to not wear a mask or get vaccinated but not to women seeking abortions, this is on you.

If you’re the most important person in the world, this is on you.

If you see being ignorant of politics and current events as a virtue and smugly proclaim, “I’m not political” this is in you.

If you vote Republican because you don’t want to pay taxes this is on you.

If you think that socialism is bad and that all Democrats are socialists but you don’t know the difference between socialism, Marxism, totalitarianism, or communism, this is on you.

If you don’t know what the three branches of government are or how the government is supposed to work, this is on you.

If you hate Nancy Pelosi but you don’t know why, this is on you.

If you know more about Britney Spears than you do American history, this is on you.

If you vote Republican, this is on you.

If you don’t vote, this is on you.

If the suffering of your fellow Americans doesn’t bother you, this is on you.

If whenever Tucker Carlson says, “Remember that when they come for you, and they will” you get freaked out, THIS IS ALL ON YOU.

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