Once Upon A Ronna

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Ronna McDaniel won re-election for Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). She came on to the national political scene at the same time as Trump. Prior to that she was the chair of the Republican party in Michigan. She also happens to be Mitt Romney’s niece. She worked on his campaign in 2012. Her dad, Scott, is Mitt’s brother. He’s had more wives than Trump.

She has pretty much been a failure at leading the RNC but they want her to keep doing it because they’re all a bunch of failures. The Republicans lost the presidency, House, and Senate multiple times and she’s still there. At one point she thought she’d step down to run against Gretchen Whitmer for governor of Michigan and accidentally endorsed the My Pillow Guy for her job. She sold her soul to the devil to lead the repugs during Trump’s reign of terror. What does it say about her that she wants to keep doing it?

“The irony of Mitt Romney cementing his legacy as the conscience of a broken Republican Party while his beloved niece (who shed the family name) degrades herself daily by sanctioning this sort of madness as RNC chairwoman is nothing short of Shakespearean.” — Tim Alberta

After her uncle Mitt wrote an op-ed that was critical of Trump she tweeted: POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7. For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack Donald Trump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.

She told Trump on her “Real America” podcast, “You’re such a wonderful person, you’ve been so great to women.” She called him a moral leader. She stuffed his pockets with cash by booking RNC events at his properties (one event at Mar-a-Lago cost $62,000) and paying him $37,000 a month to rent office space in Trump Tower. She put his campaign workers and friends on the RNC payroll (Mike Pence’s nephew made $12,000 a month), and paid his legal fees in the Russian interference investigation. She spent nearly $100,000 to buy a bunch of Junior’s books and then gave them away as booby prizes. She did it for other Republicans who wrote books as well to help their sales.

The finance chair for the RNC, billionaire Steve Wynn, asked Ronna where he and his rich friends could donate gobs of cash anonymously so nobody in their social circles would find out. What does that say about them that they’d donate to Republicans but only in secret?

When Trump conducted campaign events on public property (the White House), she defended him by saying that if Biden can do online events from his basement then Trump can do it from inside the White House because that’s HIS house. She boasted about Trump’s big night when he “won” his primary even though he didn’t run against anybody. Trump bragged about it too. What does that say about those two losers that they would brag about a no lose win?

She said the attack on the Capitol was no big deal. When Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger defected from the cult, the RNC voted unanimously to censor them. She said, “They chose to join Nancy Pelosi in a Democrat led persecution of ordinary citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse that had nothing to do with violence at the Capitol.”

Kevin McCarthy ran from a reporter who asked him to comment on the RNC censuring Cheney and Kinzinger. HE RAN. ON VIDEO. Another reporter caught him and asked him about the RNC calling the insurrection “legitimate political discourse.” He was dumb enough to say that the RNC was only talking about six RNC members who were subpoenaed and weren’t even at the Capitol that day because they were in Florida. What does it say about Kevin McCarthy that he ran before he lied? Before Trump, they used to lie before they ran.

The RNC sued the Select Committee to block them from getting their fundraising information. The committee wanted to see the emails that were sent out before the insurrection to find out who was in on it and how the insurrection was paid for. The RNC lost and Ronna had to show up and testify. She said “I don’t recall” a lot. She admitted that she knew about the alternate electors in some states. The electors were on standby in case Trump’s litigation changed the outcome of elections. When asked if Trump told her what to say during the deposition she said no. When asked whether or not she believed the outcome of the election, she said she had some serious concerns about the voting results because she was very suspicious about mail in voting (she voted by mail). She said she “had a lot of concerns about the election and the process” and still does. She didn’t think the election was run fairly or correctly. Is that why she and the RNC participated in the fake electors scheme? Because that was fair and correct? When asked if she stood behind the email that the RNC sent out that said that Joe Biden, if elected, would not be a legitimate president, she wouldn’t say yes or no. Instead she said that the Democrats said Trump was illegitimate for 3 years. When asked about paying Trump’s legal bills, she said that she worked out an agreement with Jared and Justin Clark that Trump’s Save America PAC would pay them but it didn’t. The RNC paid them. After the attack on the Capitol, Salesforce said publicly that they were cutting the RNC off because it incited violence and they wanted no part of it. They couldn’t use their product to send emails any more. When asked about that she said she couldn’t remember much because her foot was hurting her after surgery and she had a doctor’s note to prove it.

Members of the fundraising and communications teams were interviewed by the Select Committee, too. They said they would meet with Ronna to discuss how to handle Trump’s lies. They sent out emails in Trump’s voice and kept doing it after he lost. They were told to ask people to donate money to help combat voter fraud — give to Trump’s fake election legal defense fund. Phrases and words used were, “protect the results,” “Democrats are trying to steal the election,” and “rigged.” Right after the election they brought in $10 million a day. Here are some of the emails they sent out:

“WOW. We are WINNING like no one thought possible right now. Despite the numbers that are very obviously in favor of YOUR President, THE DEMOCRATS WILL TRY TO STEAL THIS ELECTION!”

“Breaking: President Trump Wins Pennsylvania. This is a HISTORIC achievement, and we can’t stop now. The fight isn’t over yet, and we need YOU to help us PROTECT the Election from outside threats.”

On January 6 they sent: “Friend, we need to make sure you’re aware of how important today is. Congress will vote this afternoon to certify, or object to, the Election results. Over 100 Members of Congress have vowed to fight for President Trump and OBJECT TO the results because they are concerned about voting irregularities and potential fraud. President Trump and Vice President Pence are really counting on your support right now.”

“We’re taking this to the Supreme Court. The fight isn’t over. The Democrats are trying to get away with STEALING this Election.”

The RNC picked up the tab for millions in legal fees for Trump humping insurrectionists. Hope Hicks’ tab alone was a half a million. The most expensive of course was Trump. The RNC also picked up the cost of his personal legal bills in New York ($1.5 million) but pulled the plug on paying his legal fees for stealing classified documents and keeping them at Mar-a-Lago.

Ronna McDaniel was in on the fake electors scheme to keep Trump in power and she just won re-election as the RNC Chair. What does it say about them that they want her to keep doing it?



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