One of Us

George Santos, the newly sworn in Republican congressman from Long Island, New York, keeps making news — for fraud. The most serious accusation of late is ripping people off by asking them to donate to Red Stone Strategies, a political PAC that doesn’t exist. It’s a campaign money shell game — an independent expenditure group that was supporting George Santos’s bid to flip a Democratic seat in New York. The FEC has no record of Red Stone Strategies. Another company, Red Stone Strategies LLC is registered to an address in Florida. The DeVolder Organization, a company owned by George Santos, is one of its managing officers. Another company, Rise New York, run by Santos’s sister, Tiffany, wired a transfer of $600,000 to Red Stone Strategies. Other donors made six figure contributions to another group, Redstone Action. Looks like Santos used his campaign to run a ponzi scheme which means he could be implicated in more crimes he’s already wanted for, with much bigger consequences — wire fraud.

Some of those six figure contributions could have been made by Andrew Intrater, a cousin of one of Trump’s buddies who has been sanctioned by the US, Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. He and his wife each gave the maximum $5,800 to Santos’s legal campaign committee and then gave tens of thousands more to committees linked to Santos. Intrater’s company, Columbus Nova, the company Michael Cohen signed a $1 million contract with to get direct access to Trump, was supposedly one of Santos’s clients for one of the high finance jobs he claimed he had. Intrater “invested” in Santos’s firm.

On the campaign trail, George Santos claimed he had traveled to Russia a lot. “I’ve been to Moscow many times during my career.”

George Santos claimed he “loaned” his campaign $700,000. Where did the money come from?

The Rio prosecutor’s office in Brazil has reopened a 15 year old criminal case against Santos. He was wanted for check fraud but fled the country. His mother was a home healthcare worker and he would steal checks from her elderly patients and forge them. He did the same thing to his own mom. He stole a check book and bought $700 worth of clothes and got caught. When authorities went to prosecute him, he had fled to the US. A woman who traveled with him to the US in 2011 got ripped off by him. He drained her bank account and pawned her jewelry.

One of his teenage ex-boyfriends claimed he never went to work, never paid his bills, and dumped him after he found out he was wanted for check fraud in Brazil.

He is said to have stolen clothing, jewelry and phones from other people he knows. He wore a stolen scarf to the Stop the Steal rally.

During George Santos’s 2020 campaign, the guy who introduced him at the Queens Village Republican Club was caught off guard when he was reading his bio. He was confused why he changed his name from Anthony Devolder to George Santos.

New video has surfaced where George Santos introduces himself as Anthony DeVolder or George DeVolder. In 2019, he attended the event, “Walk Away LGBT” (Walk Away was the movement that started in 2019 to get Democrats to become Republicans) in New York and introduced himself as Anthony Devolder, the founder of “United for Trump.” During the Q & A he said trans people could benefit from a trans conservative activist educating them. At another Walk Away event in New York, “Walk Away Black Americans Town Hall,” he introduced himself as Anthony Devolder, founder of “United for Trump.” He called abortion, “infanticide,” and said women should be educated to avoid getting pregnant so they wouldn’t have to face an unwanted pregnancy.

Santos has a history of being evicted for unpaid rent. He worked at a call center for $15/hour. He lied about owning 13 properties. He said he invented carbon catcher technology. He not only lied about getting an MBA from New York University, he lied that he got 710 on his GMAT exam. He didn’t get an MBA. He didn’t go to New York University. He claimed he was a star volleyball player at Baruch College and won the league championship. He never went to Baruch College. He never went to college.

He lied about being Jewish.

On November 19, Kevin McCarthy made a speech in which he said that George Santos getting elected meant that they had the largest Republican Jewish Caucus in 24 years. The GOP leaders in the audience all knew Santos was a fake and that McCarthy was full of shit. They’re all lying.

The Democratic incumbent that George Santos beat was a real Jew.

When Kevin McCarthy was confronted about George Santos being an imposter and possibly a threat to national security, he shrugged it off and said he shouldn’t resign because “a lot of” his colleagues lie.

Republicans defended Santos’s embellishment of his resume as something everybody does, except he didn’t just embellish his resume. He assumed a whole new identity.

A known felon, Russian asset, and pathological liar is a member of the House of Representatives and Republicans have opened their arms wide to him.

One of us.



Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.