It’s been one week and so far, President Biden has proven himself to be the most progressive of any president to date, choosing a Jamacain/Indian woman for VP and filling his administration with more women, PoCs, and out LGBTQs in history, immediately reversing all of Trump’s racist and homophobic executive orders, and putting things on track to advance the country towards being a more equitable and just society. He’s calling white supremacy out by name and is moving forward with police and prison reform, fair housing, and voting and civil rights. This is a direct result of grassroots organizing, people demanding change in the streets and electing progressive legislators, and showing up whenever needed to put pressure on elected officials. The combination of citizens demanding change and a new moral president who actually listens and regularly evolves as a person and is a true public servant, has brought us to this point. All is not lost. This is how it’s supposed to work.

President Biden signed an executive order that keeps the DOJ from using private prisons. Rich people can’t get richer off of imprisoning human beings with the federal government as a patron.

President Biden has gotten rid of the forced nationalist white washed curriculum for schools, 1776, “I’ve rescinded the previous administration’s harmful ban on diversity and sensitivity training, and abolished the offensive, counterfactual 1776 Commission.”

Not bad for an old white guy!

The new DNC chair, Jaime Harrison, and the Democratic caucus are prioritizing messaging for the next 2 years. They’re going to be traveling up and down back country roads in every state to get people to understand that their lives only get better when Democrats are in charge. They’ve got to smash the GOP’s branding of the Democrats as being spend thrifts, atheists, baby killing sex fiends who want to take everyone’s guns away. Democrats have always sucked at messaging and communication. They have to succeed this time. There is too much at stake this time — like everything.

It’s been one week and already the Republicans are blaming Biden for the botched federal response to the pandemic and the national debt.

New evidence has emerged of newly elected gun nut QAnon weirdo congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsing the assassinations of Democratic members of Congress in 2018 and 2019.

35 year old Robert Lemke of California has been arrested for threatening to kill Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and ABC’s George Steffanopoulos during the attack on the Capitol. He sent texts with photos that proved he was watching them.

5,000 National Guard troops will stay in DC because the nation’s capitol is not safe.

After one week, the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris, swore in the first female Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.

After four years and one week, we finally have a competent top diplomat we can be proud of. Antony Blinken has been confirmed as Secretary of State. He’s got all of the right experience having been a longtime aide of President Biden and a former deputy Secretary of State, but he’s got a lot to fix. He’s taking over an agency that has been gutted by budget cuts and is suffering from low morale. First order of business — world apology tour.

45 Republican senators have officially gone on record for supporting Trump’s attempted coup. They casted votes not to impeach Trump because they say it’s unconstitutional. 45 Republicans who were victims and witnesses of his crime don’t think he should face congressional consequences for trying to assassinate them and take over the government. 45 are still with 45. Trump is still in control of the Republican party.

Hoity toity country club snobs in south Florida aren’t with 45 anymore. After a week, Mar-a-Lago groupies have started leaving because being members of Trump’s hoity toity gawdy members only club no longer has the cache it once did. Plus the food sucks and the Trump memorabilia everywhere is getting on their nerves. They don’t want to pay $200,000 a year to sit in a members only room with the world’s biggest loser. Trump may not be able to live in his empty plantation permanently because of an agreement he signed with Palm Beach in 1993 that says no one will stay beyond 3 weeks. He could get kicked out of his own club and then where will he go? Move in with his kids until he’s hauled off to jail?

It’s been one week and Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are still in the Senate.

A new watchdog group has formed to keep track of private companies that are hiring Trump’s aides, allies, and ex-senior administration officials. The Campaign Against Corporate Complicity is building a list of former loyalists who were involved in Trump’s worst crimes and making public who they are working for now.

President Biden has promised that everyone will be vaccinated by the end of summer or early fall. He reminded everyone that things will get worse before they will get better. Sucks, but it’s the truth.

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