One Year of Collective Trauma

It’s been a year since the country went into isolation. Now we’re all exhausted, socially awkward and suffering from PTSD. Time will tell what the mental health toll has been on all of us. Young kids who have been forced to sit all day at home in front of a computer instead of going to school to be with their friends and interact with their teachers have fallen behind academically. Moms who have taken on the extra weight of homeschooling and the extra burden of keeping their families safe from getting covid are tapped out. Adolescents who were denied all of the right of passage rituals that send them off into adulthood are in limbo and dealing with anxiety and depression at higher rates than ever before. Seniors who have been denied time and physical contact with their families have suffered tremendously, especially those with young grandchildren who might not recognize them now. People who have lost jobs have fallen into poverty. The poor are even poorer. Homelessness is at an all time high. 534,000 Americans are dead. Those who lost people they loved have double the grief because they were denied the opportunity to grieve with family and friends or be with their loved ones when they died. A lot of people who survived from having covid are left with health problems that could be permanent. We’ve been through a year of collective trauma.

Gym Jordan thinks Trump invented the coronavirus vaccine. He tweeted: President Trump got us the #COVID19 vaccine. President Biden plagiarized it.

Trump once bragged, “Hundreds of millions of vaccine doses will be available every month.” Um, only 330 million people live in America.

Ted Cruz tweeted: Three words to describe the first weeks of the Biden administration: boring but radical.

Ted says boring and radical as if it’s a bad thing.

Qevin McCarthy wants Eric Swalwell off of the Intelligence Committee because he says he’s a national security risk. If all members who were security threats were removed from that committee it wouldn’t have any Republiqans on it. Qevin McCarthy is the biggest threat of them all.

Paul Gosar’s siblings know better than anybody what a white supremacist their brother is. They want him expelled from Congress for inciting the Capitol riot and speaking at a white nationalist event a few weeks ago.

Lara Trump has been busted for ripping of a charity for rescue dogs. She funneled $2 million into Trump properties.

Eric Trump stole from a kids’ cancer charity, his wife stole from an animal charity, and the Trump Foundation got closed down because they all stole from that.

Milo Yiannopoulos says he’s not gay anymore. He’s “ex-gay”. He only did it to torment his mother and liberals. He says he’s “sodomy free” and is going to be the spokesman for conversion therapy now because he’s run out of ways to shock people and get attention.

The Kentucky Senate passed a law that makes it a crime to insult the police on the one year anniversary of cops breaking into Breonna Taylor’s home and killing her in her sleep.

The governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, is a reefer madness kind of Republican. He says, “If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country.” Um, nobody dies from marijuana. Opioids are a real killer though — 70,000 people die a year from those. And booze kills 31,000 people a year. People who smoke pot tend to stay home and fall asleep watching TV with a bowl of ice cream melting in their laps.

Republiqans and the media are up in arms that Joe Biden goes home to be with his family and dogs and attend church on the weekends, just like he’s done for 50 years. It’s normal and well deserved. He’ll be rested and filled up with the right stuff to take the weight of the world on again on Mondays. They gave Trump a pass for golfing every weekend at taxpayer expense. He golfed the equivalent of an entire year. One whole year where people didn’t have to worry about him blowing up the world because he was busy golfing.

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