Packed Courts — Pack of Lies

Trump told his cult followers in Pennsylvania that their governor made it almost impossible for him to be there because of state restrictions for social distancing. He called the coronavirus a media hoax that people shouldn’t fear because if they get it they’ll be fine. 8,737 people have died from the virus in Pennsylvania so far. He proposed that the coronavirus miracle drug Regeneron be free to everyone after he railed against “socialized medicine.” He claimed there is massive voter fraud going on. Good thing he packed the courts with GOP picks so they can declare him the winner when he claims the Democrats cheated.

Amy Coney Barrett became the first Supreme Court justice in 151 years to be confirmed without any votes from the opposition party. Right after the vote the Republicans stood and clapped. They were voting to confirm her just as the court voted 5 to 3 to make it harder to count ballots in Wisconsin.

Amy Coney Barrett will get to work today, a week before the election. She is not qualified for the job. She’s been teaching law at a Christian college for 15 years. The woman has only had 2 years of experience working as a lawyer in private practice on civil cases. She has never tried a case, argued an appeal, or argued before the Supreme Court. She’s only been a judge for 3 years. She will get to rule on the future of the Affordable Care Act which she is already on record for being against during a deadly pandemic. Her legacy will be forever linked to a corrupt Republican Party and an impeached, criminal autocrat.

Trump swore in all 3 of his Republican picked justices at the White House with him in the pictures to commemorate the Republican triumph over the courts and show how powerful he is. Justices should be sworn in at the Supreme Court to establish judicial independence. Amy was sworn in a month to the day of the super spreader event in the Rose Garden announcing her nomination. Clarence Thomas swore her in with Trump standing right there grinning like a dunce in a National Lampoon movie.

Amy Coney Barrett is an originalist which means she should not be able to sit on the highest court of the land because she’s a woman. Not only that, she shouldn’t be able to vote.

In January, the Senate needs to expand the court by 6 seats — 2 black women, 2 LGBTQs, a native American and an immigrant to balance it out and MAKE THE COURT FAIR for all Americans. Of the 115 Supreme Court justices in US history, all but 6 have been white men. The Democrats have to put an end to that.

Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate until November 9 without passing a Trump Plague relief bill. All of their attention and power went into getting a conservative justice hostile to the ACA, abortion and gay people seated. Rent is due in a couple of days. Fuck you, America!

“This is not a mere election. This the culmination of a struggle to return America to the American people and to restore institutions corrupted and perverted by Trump, McConnell and the GOP. It is a battle to preserve the soul and ensure the future of the United States.” David Rothkopf

This is going to take years to reverse. There is a lot to prosecute and fix. Democracy and our institutions won’t bounce back on their own. It’s going to take a lot of work, and it must be done WITHOUT Republicans.

With RBG gone and misogynist constitutionalist taking her place, plus a corrupt and totalitarian president, attorney general, and Republican party, with a government in chaos, a deadly pandemic, and the planet burning and drowning, it’s reckoning time. America has to confront its skeletons and flaws. Rome is burning.

Vote for Joe Biden and every Democrat on the ballot. Vote blue for the rest of your lives. This is going to take awhile.

One week until election day. One week!

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