Pandemic Pandemonium and Profit

Trump needs to stop doing press briefings because he’s scaring the crap out of everybody. People are stroking out when he steps up to the podium and opens his big fat pathetic greedy lying mouth. When asked when Americans could get back to normal that stupid idiot answered, “I hope very soon. This country is an amazing country. I could have been stopped if we had known, if everybody had known about it. Unfortunately, China didn’t decide to make it public.”

He did know about it, he just didn’t tell the public about it. He was downplaying it so it wouldn’t hurt his approval ratings and he needed time to save and make money off of the coronavirus.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Republican Richard Burr, used his power and privilege to engage in insider trading using confidential information he received on a daily basis about the coronavirus. He sold off $1.6 million in stock in major corporations (some of which were hotels) while publicly down playing the danger to the public. All of that stock lost its value because of the pandemic. On February 7 he told the public that the US is better prepared to handle the coronavirus than ever before. On February 13 he dumped his stock and told his rich buddies to do it too. He also told them that what was coming was “akin to the 1918 pandemic.” The public? Let them eat cake.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: In 2012, Richard Burr was just 1 out of 3 senators who opposed a bill that barred lawmakers and their staffs from using nonpublic information to trade, plus they’d have to provide regular disclosures of their trades.

Kelly Loeffler is another US senator who used insider information to avoid losing money over the coronavirus. Her husband is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. After she dumped her stock she invested in a work-from-home company. On February 28 she tweeted: Democrats have dangerously and intentionally misled the American people on Coronavirus readiness. Here’s the truth: Donald Trump and his administration are doing a great job working to keep Americans healthy and safe.

Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler should resign today but they won’t because if the president can break the law and still maintain his power, why can’t they?

What did Trump do with his family’s holdings with all of the privileged daily reports he was receiving as president while publicly downplaying the threat of the virus?

“What did the Trump family sell, and when did they sell it?” — David Frum

Jared Kushner has set up his own team outside of the official coronavirus task force overseen by Mike Pence. It’s made up of Trump sychophants and greedy bastards from the private industry who all want to make money off of the pandemic. Jared calls it a “shadow task force” and gives these guys first hand information that he receives as the president’s son in law so that they can all get rich over the pain and suffering of others.

Jared Kushner once controlled a firm now running a coronavirus testing website. He’s defending his work with private businesses by saying,“The federal government is not designed to solve all our problems. A lot of the muscle is in the private sector and there’s also a lot of smart people.”

Let’s make some money! To the commoners: Get away get away get away! Somebody throw some cake at them, quick!

Jared’s younger brother co-founded a health insurance company called Oscar. They have launched their own digital portal that helps direct people to virus testing centers and assess their risk of infection.

Let’s make some money! What’s the news today, big brother? The commoners are coming! The commoners are coming! And they’re COUGHING! Throw some cake, quick!

A travel advisory has been issued recommending that everybody return to their home countries as soon as possible. Americans abroad are being told that if they don’t get home immediately they need to be prepared to remain where they are indefinitely.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has executed an order to request all 40 million people in the state to stay home until April 19.

Trump says California is not his problem. He says that governors are supposed to be doing all the work. The federal government isn’t supposed to be “buying vast amounts of items, and then shipping. We’re not a shipping clerk.”

Trump is shoving cake in the governors’ faces, wearing protective gloves of course. He’s not sharing any of those gloves with the governors. That’s not his job.

It is his job. This is a national emergency. The federal government is supposed to be buying and shipping all sorts of things, like yesterday, to protect the public.

On February 12 the Homeland Security committee met to discuss the coronavirus. None of the public health officials from the Trump administration attended. Where were they?

It appears they were busy making money off of a deadly disease.

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Spike Dolomite

Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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