Partisan Bullshit

Spike Dolomite
4 min readFeb 1, 2020


Senate Republicans, defying 75% of the American public, voted to deny the public their right to a fair trial by making sure that they couldn’t hear from any witnesses who could verify that Trump is guilty of the charges made against him in two articles of impeachment by the House of Representatives. They regard the US government as their government, not the people’s government. Moscow Mitch went so far as to call Trump, the defendant, after the vote to make sure he was happy, just like he said he would. He has conducted himself and the “trial” exactly as Trump directed him to. It wasn’t a trial. It was a cover up. The entire Republican party is in on the take down of the US government led by Trump who is working for Russia. If they acquit him Trump will interpret that as exoneration which will bump up his brand. Republicans all need to wear their red MAGA hats to the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night because this will be the mother of all MAGA rallies. Trump will be on fire! Think about the ratings!

“If Trump is acquitted, he can call on foreign governments tomorrow to investigate every Democrat in our nation (and do so in secret). He can ask the DOJ to target every Democrat as well, too. And his legal argument, voiced by his lawyer, is that there is nothing wrong with this. Buyer beware.” — Neal Katyal

Lindsey Graham went on Sean Hannity’s show last night and they were absolutely giddy about the vote. Lindsey even said, “It was a bunch of partisan bullshit” on live TV.

It was. It was bunch of partisan bullshit.

Right after the Republicans gave the American people the finger with their vote to make Trump’s impeachment trial not a trial, the UK left the EU. John Bolton congratulated them in a tweet after not saying a word publicly all day which could have changed the vote in the Senate, reminding us that he’s not a good guy.

The day began with breaking news that Trump’s lead defense attorney in his sham impeachment trial, Pat Cipollone, is a co-conspirator in the case. He was in the room. According to John Bolton’s book, he was present for the first conversation when Trump asked Bolton to be part of the quid pro quo with Ukraine. He wasn’t just lying about Trump’s own involvement in the quid pro quo on the Senate floor, he was lying about his own involvement as well. He was arguing for no witnesses because he would be one. The scum bag needs to be disbarred for this. This is way past partisan bullshit.

To conclude the chapter about Trump’s impeachment counsel being in on the crime, news broke that another defense lawyer, Fox News’ Jay Sekulow, got busted for receiving $65 million from charities over a period of 10 years. The money was paid to him, his wife, his sons, his brother, his sister-in-law, his nephew, and corporations they own. He picks up the checks at a rented mailbox a block away from the White House. He has a phantom law firm, too, called CLA Group. The Republican National Committee paid it $250,000 after he joined Trump’s legal team.

Jay Sekulow is a mobster lawyer fun fact: Sekulow is the registered chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a non-profit Christian legal advocacy group founded by televangelist Pat Robertson. They have their meetings a block away from the Capitol. A half dozen of Trump’s defense lawyers are employed by ACLJ including one of Sekulow’s sons who is also on Trump’s legal team. The crime family in the White House is being represented by a crime family in the dog house.

Speaking of butt sniffing dogs in the White House, Jim Jordan was caught on camera scratching his butt in the halls of Congress. No joke.

Speaking of sniffing butts, Trump tweeted this morning: Trump poll numbers are the highest since election, despite constant phony Witch Hunts! Tens of thousands of people attending rallies (which the Fake News never mentions) to see “The Greatest Show On Earth”. Fun because USA is WINNING AGAIN!

He’s gotten away with cons and crimes his entire life and he got away with it again, thanks to the Republicans. He has learned that nobody will ever stop him from taking more power and committing more crimes so guess what? He’s going to go all the way now, now that he’s pulled it off again and is high on his super powers. The Republican Frankenstein is going to make use of his newfound realized power and he’s going to do it soon.

Omnipotence, narcissism, and real power are a very, very dangerous combination.

Take cover, America.

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