Pass the Buck

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJan 13, 2019


So the president of the United States is a Russian agent. Counter terrorism expert Malcolm Nance says Trump working as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin is the biggest scandal in the history of the United States. Worse than Benedict Arnold. Way, way, way worse than Watergate.

No wonder Jared and Junior haven’t been called in for questioning by Mueller. They’re part of the counter intelligence investigation. Questioning them would have given the FBI away.

Where’s Mitch the Bitch? He hasn’t hogged the camera since Trump shut down the government.

Mitch won’t let the Senate vote on re-opening the government. He won’t let senators vote on protecting Mueller and he stopped Obama from telling the public about Russia attacking us. Mitch’s wife is in Trump’s cabinet — he gave her the title, “Transportation Secretary” soon after Russia got him elected. Since Trump didn’t know anybody and was just as surprised as the rest of us that he got the job, how did Elaine Chao get her job? He didn’t know her from Adam and Eve (who he had just learned about to get the evangelical vote.)

Mitch McConnell said the bill to open the government by the Democrats is a stunt because Trump would just veto it. The senate already passed it 92–6 when it was their idea. They have the votes to override a veto but McConnell won’t let them vote on it because he works for Trump and Trump works for Putin.

Trump denied that the White House is a dysfunctional mess amid the longest government shutdown in history. He says that can’t be true because there’s nobody there but him.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Trump said he hasn’t left the White House in months. He was just in Texas and he made a surprise visit in Iraq a few weeks ago to exploit the military.

Sitting all alone on a Saturday night, Trump called in to Judge Jeanine’s Show on Fox. She asked him if he was working for Russia and he rambled on and on but he never actually said no.

Note to MAGAs: When the shit show finally ends, and it will, you will forever be known as traitors to your country. You may be an idiot, and for that some Americans might pity you, but that’s highly unlikely since willful ignorance is a choice, unlike homosexuality. We have public schools, public libraries, a free press, and Google. There is no excuse for being stupid in America. At best, nobody will ever take you seriously again. At worst, you will be friendless and unemployable and will have to wear the red MAGA dunce cap for the rest of your life, unless of course you live in a MAGA village where everybody is the village idiot.

When heads of state meet with foreign leaders, the interpreter’s notes are always archived. But not with Trump. He grabbed the interpreter’s notes after meetings with Putin. There is no written record, even in classified files, of Trump’s meetings with Putin at 5 locations over the past 2 years.

“I have worked for 3 presidents and advised a fourth. I have never heard of a president trying to conceal details of his conversations with a foreign leader, not even if that leader is a staunch American ally.” — Robert Reich

Paul Manafort has gout. In jail. Snicker.

“The buck stops here” — Harry S. Truman

“The buck stops with everybody” — Trump

“We’re in it for the bucks” — Congress

“Those bucks need a good washing” — Russia

“Pass the buck” — the GOP

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