Pass the Pepper Spray

Every day in Trump’s America, self entitled maskless asymptomatic white people walk into drugstores and grocery stores throughout the country looking for a fight with minimum wage workers so they can make a scene and spread right wingnut propaganda and the coronavirus, yelling at everybody that they’re all duped fools for wearing masks and social distancing. Don’t believe the government or the liberal media! They yell “They!!!!” and “Look it up!” a lot as they spread the virus and put other people’s lives in danger without consequence. They ignore signs in the front of the store and employees who tell them that they have to wear masks or leave. No shirt no shoes no mask NO SERVICE. Refusing to leave amounts to trespassing. Call the cops and have them arrested. Until the cops come, spray them in the face with pepper spray because maskless idiots spraying shoppers with contaminated spit as they rant and rave about conspiracy theories is way more dangerous than a masked bandit wanting your purse. People wearing masks in grocery stores and drug stores in Trump’s America are there because they have to eat or need life saving prescriptions. Enough of these know it all dangerous weirdos who are wrong about everything but think they know everything because Fox, Parler and private Facebook groups keep them “informed” so they’ll be telling everybody else what’s really going on, including doctors and scientists.

“Republican politicians could never get away with this garbage without a massive propaganda machine that skews the entire American information ecosystem.” — Ben Rhodes

As Trump’s defenders make total asses out of themselves in public and spread the virus, and as more people die and line up at food pantries, the president is golfing at his private club in south Florida and the vice president is skiing in Vail — both trips paid for by tax payers, including the tax paying idiots making fools of themselves in Trump’s honor.

9 out of 10 deaths would have been preventable if Trump and Pence had done their jobs.

Hospitals are overflowing. People are waiting outside, hooked up to oxygen machines, waiting for someone to die or get better and go home so they can get a bed.

Another epidemic is growing right alongside the coronavirus pandemic — narcissism. It can only be found in the US. It’s so prevalent that even the president has it. In fact, he’s the force behind it.

America has reached a new grim milestone — 1 in 1000 Americans are dead from the Trump Plague. Republicans still think it’s nothing to be concerned about. There’s 999 people left and as long as 500 vote for them why the hell should they care?

“All those kids who smashed all their toys within ten minutes of receiving them on Christmas morning are now running the Republican Party” — Jeff Tiedrich

Every time you listen to Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” about 10 people have died from the coronavirus between the beginning and the end of the song.

Unemployment ran out because Trump refused to sign the bi-partisan bill that would provide some necessary financial relief as people suffer the consequences of an out of control pandemic that he and the vice president caused. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is getting richer by the minute as 14 million face eviction and homelessness.

“Why would anyone expect Trump to sign the Covid relief bill and lessen the pain for millions when he now has the chance to keep all the attention focused on him?” — Steven Beschloss

A MAGA ICU nurse working for Rock Medical Group who goes by @farmernurse on TikTok posted a video of herself flashing the white power sign while she was in scrubs working in the ICU. She posted the video set to, “Bring the Lion Out.” Quite a few other nurses posted their support for her and Trump before TikTok took the video down. As shocking and shitty as this video is, the real question is how many people died in her care because they weren’t white or Republican?

Pass the pepper spray and call the lion out until the cops come and arrest them. Enough of these fucks.

24 days until 46.

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