The daily average for covid deaths has spiked to 239, an increase of nearly 48% over the prior week. We’re due for another public health crisis.

Dr. Fauci, at long last, ripped Rand Paul ANOTHER new asshole in a congressional hearing after the fake doctor accused the real doctor of being a liar. He said, “Knowing it’s a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement where you said the NIH never funded gain of function research in Wuhan?” To that Fauci answered, “I’ve never lied before Congress and I don’t retract that statement … Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, and I want to say that officially…..I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating … you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. I totally resent that, and if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you.”

BOOM. Sweet. Give ’em his due.

Republicans are starting to show signs of regret for killing off their base. The CEO of Newsmax made a 180 turn on the vaccine overnight like Fox did. He wrote an op-ed telling people to get vaccinated. Congressman Steve Scalise announced that he just got the vaccine and made sure that he got his shot on camera. They all got the same memo. A slew of them came out as pro-vaccine all on the same day.

The stock market is reacting negatively due to the uptick in covid cases so now Mitch McConnell is telling people to get vaccinated. He’s worried about the market taking another dive. Another shutdown would be bad for Republicans. He doesn’t care about actual human beings dying, though. They’re just dues paying voters, the duped masses.

Republicans are positioning themselves to say they supported vaccinations all along.

Trump, the Republicans and Fox News politicized the coronavirus. Now they’re facing a surge in deaths of their own and they’re starting to worry. What about them? (not them as in the dying, but them as in the Republicans in Congress.) The duped masses’ stubborn refusal to get vaccinated is their own politicizing of the vaccine. While Democrats are focused on a solution, taking care of each other, and progressing forward, the Republicans are refusing to change, are stuck in the past, and living in their own world, as usual. But not for long.

We’re going to have to retire the expression, “avoid it like the plague” since millions of Americans didn’t avoid the plague and died.

The director of Trump’s inauguration fund, Tom Barrack, was just arrested on federal corruption charges. The 46 page indictment includes that he had an allegiance to a foreign government — the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) The guy is a foreign agent. As the head of the fund, he brought in the most money for an inauguration in history ($107 million) — all pay to play. Pay your dues boys, and get in line! He got the UAE to give them money in exchange for giving the UAE a world wide platform with lots of public praise and support from the US, and face to face lobbying of the new president for favors on their behalf. The UAE even wrote part of Trump’s inaugural speech to flatter themselves. This has been a 3 year investigation and now the guy is sitting in jail. He’s 74 years old and used to the finer things in life and now he’s sitting in jail. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet! He’s getting his due.

Elliott Broidy was vice chair of the inauguration fund and was involved with the UAE too. He pled guilty to being a foreign agent. Trump pardoned him. George Nader was also involved. He’s in jail too but not for being a foreign agent. He’s there because he’s a pedophile.

A few months after the inauguration, Jared and Steve Bannon had a private dinner with top leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to talk about a plan to impose a blockade on Qatar. After that, Qatar relieved the Kushner Companies of their debt for 666 Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. His family had bought the building for $1.2 billion and it was only worth half of that. Jared and his dad had been negotiating with the Qataris to refinance their debt since 2015. Tom Barrack used his Qatari connections to help Jared out. Jared was besties with MBS, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and would chat clandestinely on a social media app that couldn’t be traced. No records were kept of their phone calls. These guys were nothing but a bunch of criminals stabbing each other in the back and using each other at the same time. Jared must be very, very nervous. Sweet. That day will be such a great day when that guy is forced to pay his dues.

Jared Kushner was the main point of contact for foreign governments during the campaign which was chaired by Paul Manafort, a foreign agent.

General Mike Flynn worked for the Trump campaign. He was a foreign agent.

Soon after Trump moved in to the White House, he headed due east. His first trip abroad was to the Middle East.

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