On par with the rest of Trump’s no accountability administration, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta took to the pornographic podium to give a 1 hour press briefing about how innocent he was. He never endangered hundreds of girls by making Epstein’s perverted “problem” go away, making him free to perpetuate his crimes on vulnerable girls for another 10 years. He talked about HIM, not him. It was all about me, me, me — never mind you, you, and you. I make no apologies and assume no responsibility because I am the good guy in this story. I am a hero. You all have to understand something — prosecuting pedophiles is hard. Don’t pick on my staff. We’re all victims here. If it weren’t for me Epstein wouldn’t have gone to jail at all!

The Jeffrey Epstein case is why US attorneys exist. Acosta did more than not do his job, he got the bad guy off (no pun intended.) He never did an investigation. He never subpoenaed his computers. All he did was make a deal with Epstein’s attorneys. He fucked the child victims over by calling them prostitutes and “prosecuting” Epstein in secret.

Alex Acosta got rid of Jeffrey Epstein’s problem for him. Why? And why is he Trump’s labor secretary in charge of sex trafficking?

Alex Acosta fits right in with the Trump perverts of power. Sexual scandal surround him yet it doesn’t hurt him just like it hasn’t everybody else. Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice and Trump is President.

“Howard, vagina is expensive,”Trump told Howard Stern on his show regarding his upcoming wedding to his second wife, Marla Maples.

The rich and powerful who were at Epstein’s parties are freaking out. FREAKING OUT. Epstein’s attorney in his sex trafficking case in Florida (otherwise known as child prostitute case), Trump’s buddy and defender, and a talking head for Fox News, Alan Dershowitz, was asked if he had sex with underage girls on any of the many flights he took on Epstein’s private planes. His answer? “I kept my underwear on during the massage.”

Republican hypocrite fun fact: 49% of Alabama Republicans voted for Roy Moore in 2018 knowing he was an accused pedophile.

Trump shared a fake Reagan quote to praise himself. He’ll pervert Reagan’s legacy to help himself. That’s OK because there aren’t any more Reagan Republicans left in the party.

A federal appeals court ruled that Trump is violating the Constitution by blocking Twitter users who make fun of him. So go ahead and call him a pervert, a con, a criminal, stupid, and ugly BECAUSE HE IS.

“You’ve worked so hard on the kidney. Very special. The kidney has a very special place in the heart. It’s an incredible thing.” Donald J. Trump

“Remember when we collectively decided that Dan Quayle was too dumb to hold office when he misspelled ‘potato?’” — Parker Molloy

The mayor of Washington DC would like to be reimbursed now for his campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial on July 4. The city fund has been depleted by providing security for the perv. He cost them $1.7 million in security. He still hasn’t paid the $7.3 for his perverted inauguration.

Attorney General Bill Barr says there’s no reason to have Robert Mueller appear before Congress other than to create a “public spectacle.” He wants it to be known that the Justice Department would support Mueller if he decided not to testify. In other words — blow off the subpoena and I’ll have your back. Bill Barr has single handedly perverted the US Department of Justice.

Republicans will never read the Mueller Report because they’re still busy investigating Vince Foster’s death, Benghazi and Hillary’s emails.

Trump is hosting a “Social Media Summit” at the White House later today. He’s inviting all of the far right whack jobs so he can legitimatize them and make their perversion acceptable and normal because he’s going to really need them to win reelection.

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