Please Don’t Talk About Impeachment While I’m Eating

On the night of Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony and Roger Stone’s guilty verdicts, Bill Barr and the White House Counsel were seen walking into the White House to talk to Trump. The next day Trump missed his tee time for an impromptu, unscheduled “partial annual physical” at Walter Reed Medical Center. His last annual check up was in February so something is up. Presidents don’t just hop in a car and head over to Walter Reed for a check up. They don’t just “show up” anywhere. They need major prep and security detail before they leave the White House. Presidential annual check ups are a big, public deal — almost ceremonial. So it’s bullshit. The official report is that he wanted to take advantage of a free weekend to get a partial physical even though his last physical was in February and free weekend? Come on! Every weekend is a free weekend for that fat lazy fucker.

It had to have been a real medical emergency or a publicity stunt because anything else could be managed by a doctor at the White House.

People are talking.

What’s the real story? Can’t be a colonoscopy because you can’t get up in there. There are too many Republicans in there. Is he going to fake his death and escape to Russia? Is he setting up a martyr’s exit so he can resign for health reasons just like he did with bone spurs to get out of going to Vietnam?

Do you need a doctor’s note to resign?

Whatever the reason, there isn’t a lot of public concern or sympathy that the President of the United States could be having health issues. Just a lot of jokes, wishful thinking, and doubts. People are speculating on Twitter about possible drug addiction and panic attacks. One woman tweeted, “I don’t want someone with the launch codes to have an addiction to amphetamine.” Another guy tweeted back, “I don’t want Trump to have keys to his golf carts.”

Maybe he did have a heart attack. 12 Diet Cokes a day, McDonalds, high cholesterol, inertia, fat, age, Adderall, stress, humiliation, and anger have got to take it’s toll.

Or is it a stunt so the Sunday morning news shows will talk about him at Walter Reed and not the impeachment inquiry hearings and Roger Stone verdict? If so, it didn’t work. Nancy Pelosi warned Trump, “you’re in my wheelhouse when you come after the whistleblower” on Face the Nation.

Trump’s press secretary, What’s Her Face, is spinning Trump’s superior health and stamina on Fox News saying that Trump has “more energy than anybody else in the White House.” Jeanine Pirro concurred, “he’s almost superhuman.”

Maurice on Twitter thinks that doctors are trying to enlarge Trump’s asshole to make room for more Republicans to get up in there. Lindsey, Mitch and the boys will have to make room for sell out Elise Stefanik who allowed herself to be used as a token vagina by the boys on the House Intelligence Committee. They pushed her out front to challenge Adam Schiff, lie, and rattle off deep state sound bytes for Fox News.

Donations flooded Elise Stefanik’s Democratic opponent, Tedra Cobb, after she made national news for being a Republican Go Go Girl, dancing for the Republican boys. She hit the $500,000 mark in a single day — mostly small donations. NY21 is a competitive district that Trump won in 2016, but went for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Tedra Cobb didn’t have to do anything except let Elise Stefanik talk. That seems to be a winning strategy for Democrats these days. Just let the Republicans talk.

White House employee and personal pastor/spiritual advisor to the conman president, conwoman Paula White who talks in tongues, is asking suckers to send her $229 immediately (or $31 if you’re poor) so she can talk to God and receive “prophetic instruction” on how to defeat enemies. Sunday morning in America!

The Democratic governor of Louisiana won re-election despite Trump showing up for his Republican opponent last week and telling the crowd, “You’ve got to give me a big win, okay?”

Just let them talk.

Next up for Week 2 of the open impeachment inquiry hearings: Tuesday: Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman, Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison. Wednesday: Gordon Sondland, Laura Cooper and David Hale. Thursday: Fiona Hill. Friday: Trump goes back to Walter Reed.

Just let them talk.

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