Plenty of Blame to Go Around

President Biden spoke to the country and the world, taking responsibility for his decision to pull out of Afghanistan. He stands by his call. He didn’t blame anybody else (not even Trump who got this messy ball rolling by committing to leaving by May without a cease fire plan and only leaving 2,500 troops.)

Most people watching the coverage haven’t been paying attention for 20 years so they have no real understanding of what’s been going on in Afghanistan. The media has been lazy and remiss in its reporting since 9/11 and now they’re commenting on the news rather than doing the research to provide the necessary back story for what is happening which makes most people think the worst. They’re reacting emotionally to the video of people desperately trying to get out of Kabul, hanging on to the wheels of planes and falling to their deaths (look closely — these “people” are almost all men which means they’ve abandoned their wives and children to save themselves…..)

There has been a long history of failures with the US’s handling of Afghanistan. We went in to take out the terrorists who had been training there after 9/11 and we should have left after Bin Laden was killed but we stayed because nobody wanted to take the blame for the inevitable fall of Afghanistan by pulling out. Biden is a true leader in that he was willing to take the fall, knowing that he’d be blamed for the failure (he didn’t know that the Afghan government would just cave and let the Taliban take over without firing a shot) when there is plenty of blame to go around, going all the way back to Jimmy Carter. That poor country has been battered and used for over 40 years. The people of Afghanistan have been betrayed by other countries and forces with invasions by the Soviets, the Taliban, and then the US and NATO.

If there had been an ideal time to pull out, someone would have done that already. There was no ideal time so Biden stepped up to take the fall. A decision had to finally be made and he made it. That’s what real leaders do.

Trump pulled troops out to look like a hero but did it without a real plan. He set a date for withdrawal for May but never did much more than make an announcement. This gave the Taliban time to plan. He left the remaining troops in a vulnerable position so Biden was faced with having to make the decision based on what was best for them and America. There was no good or obvious choice. He had to make a very unpopular decision because he has integrity and guts (he’s had the same position on Afghanistan since 2009.) He wasn’t going to pass this off to the next president. Politicians have been lying about what’s been going on there for decades to avoid political embarrassment — that goes for Democrats, too.

We spent $2 trillion on this 20 year war and got nothing in return.

Everybody in the Afghan government ran away leaving the new ruler, Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar, plenty of room to step right up and take over. He was in prison in Pakistan until Trump asked that he be freed in 2018. 5,000 other members of the Taliban were released too.

Trump wanted to hand the whole problem over to Erik Prince (Betsy DeVos’s brother who we’ll be hearing a lot more of when people start getting indicted,) so that money could be made from the disaster.

The America First crowd doesn’t appreciate Biden for putting America first. Instead, they’re pointing at him and yelling, “Look what he did!” They’re faulting him for letting democracy fail in Afghanistan (this was never a nation building mission,) completely ignorant of how democracy is failing right here at home.

People are horrified at the video that has been coming out of Afghanistan of desperate people risking their own lives to get out of the country. They had no idea! Perhaps they would be less appalled if the media had been showing us photos and video of this war all along like it did with Vietnam. It might not have lasted so long and the American people wouldn’t be so desensitized and ignorant of the real and ugly truth.

“Finally, a US president was willing to accept the consequences of doing the right thing. He was doing it because it would save the lives of members of the US military. He was doing it because the time was long overdue to take such a step.”— David Rothkopf

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.