Politicize This

The House voted to establish an independent commission to investigate the attack on the Capitol on January 6. 175 Republicans actually voted no, including the 3 most powerful House leaders: Qevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Elise Stefanik. 83% of the Republicans in the House are afraid of what a commission will uncover about them. 35 voted yes. 0 Democrats voted no. If Republicans really believe that Antifa is responsible for the attack, why wouldn’t they vote yes? Now it’s on to the Senate where the Republicans will do their best to kill it. This is just a fact finding commission. The DOJ and FBI are already investigating it as a crime. It is the largest criminal investigation in the history of the country. Republiqans should be more worried about going to jail than not getting re-elected or losing donors.

Mike Pence’s brother (married to another mother) voted no on the commission even though the rioters wanted to kill his brother.

Moscow Mitch is opposed to a January 6 commission and has told his caucus to vote no. Both Republican leaders in each house are against an independent, bipartisan investigation into the attack on the Capitol, the interruption of the democratic process of certifying a presidential election and death threats on the Vice President and Speaker of the House because it would be bad for the Republican Party.

Democratic Congressman from Ohio, Tim Ryan, ripped the repugs a new on the House floor in a scathing speech where he told them the country needs 2 parties living in reality and “you’re not one of them.”

Senator John Thune is weaponizing his vote to not have a commission because he says the Dems just want a commission to weaponize the vote. He doesn’t want the investigation used against the repugs in the midterms. Truth and democracy be damned. He said, “the message should be about economy, national security, safe streets — not relitigating the 2020 election.” A violent attempt to take over the government is relitigation? John Cornyn feels the same way. He says the commission will only help the Democrats. Country be damned.

Qevin McCarthy says that if he is subpoenaed it’s because the insurrection is being politicized. Now we know the Republican talking point for the day — the Dems want to politicize what happened on January 6 to gain advantage over the Republicans, make them look bad, and win in 2022. Truth be damned.

The party that investigated Benghazi 6 times over 2 1/2 years in order to hurt their political rival is opposed to a bipartisan investigation of the deadly attack on the Capitol by their own voters. They care more about the attack on Benghazi than an attack on the Capitol that resulted in the deaths of police officers charged to protect them.

Some anonymous Capitol Police officers aren’t having McConnell and McCarthy’s seditious bullshit. They issued a statement to members of Congress expressing “profound disappointment” with their positions on the commission and reminded them of the trauma that officers endured that day.

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern from Massachusetts read a statement in support of the commission from the family of Officer Howie Liebengood, who died by suicide days after the insurrection. Is that playing politics with the insurrection, repugs?

The former leaders of the 9/11 commission want Congress to pass a 1/6 commission but Republicans say no way.

If the Republiqans are successful in blocking a bipartisan committee that is set to end in 2022 the House Dems can unilaterally set up their own open ended committee and go it alone. They can subpoena Republiqans indefinitely and politicize the shit out of it.

Republiqans who participated in the insurrection are deciding whether or not the crime should be investigated. Any Republiqan who votes no is complicit in the Big Lie, whether they helped organize it or not.

The GOP is a terrorist organization that obstructs justice.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.