Politicize This

It’s Mother’s Day and mothers are mourning. 1.3 million cases. 80,000 dead. The US is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and mothers are stressed, anxious, and scared shitless that their families could be next. Not a word from the president about what he and the federal government are doing to ensure that their families won’t be next, just an obligatory “Happy Mothers Day” tweet among 60+ tweets since midnight, all glorifying himself and attacking others. The president of the United States is clearly insane and the Democrats are helpless to remove him because Republicans.

Larry the Drunk Kudlow went on ABC This Week this morning to say that Obama politicized the coronavirus by criticizing Trump’s shitty response to a global pandemic.

Trump politicized the pandemic at the onset by calling it a Democratic hoax and encouraging his gun nut followers to “liberate” blue states. They did and now a bunch of them are coming down with the coronavirus. Happy Muthers Day, mother fuckers.

“It is interesting the states that are having trouble are blue. The states that seem to have the problem happen to be Democrat.” — Donald J. Trump

Trump politicizes everything. Even death.

Republicans have politized the pandemic by making the economy a priority thereby branding liberals who stay home or wear masks as unpatriotic while encouraging their voters to get out there and take one for their employers.

Dr. Fauci, the only person in the entire Trump administration that anybody trusts, plus 2 other doctors are in quarantine because they were exposed to the coronavirus while they were in the White House.

Trump is screaming, MOMMY. Trump’s mom is screaming WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Since Trump and Pence have been exposed, they should both be quarantined for 2 weeks so Nancy Pelosi can step up as president and fix this shit, like the bad ass speaker/mom that she is.

One of Melania’s aids has the coronavirus.

Mike Pence will be humming “Tie Your Mother Down” by Queen all day.

Ted Cruz has totally politicized the coronavirus by taking the opportunity to get a haircut in Shelley Luther’s salon, the MAGA owner who defied local and court orders to keep her business closed during the coronavirus outbreak. He did it on TV of course. Hey Mom! Look at me! I’m getting a haircut!

A dozen gun nuts politicized the coronavirus by using the stay at home order to “protest” and walk around Raleigh, North Carolina carrying giant bazooka looking guns, stopping into a Subway to order sandwiches and scare the shit out of essential workers who are already totally stressed out by having to be there at all.

A guy in Oklahoma got pissed off that he couldn’t sit and eat his Big Mac inside at McDonald’s so het shot 2 of the employees.

Masks have become a liberal symbol to MAGAs now. If you’re considerate in public you run the risk of being singled out by a gun toting, don’t tread on me, libertarian as being a snow flake sheep Democrat libtard mama’s boy.

1/3 of coronavirus deaths are in nursing homes. That’s a lot of mothers.

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