Trump did a town hall on ABC that nobody watched. He bombed so Fox called it an ambush. Why did he do it? Because his campaign is broke and he controls the media. Free press to him means FREE TV time. He was an incoherent, sweaty mess pretending to be somebody. He said he “up-played” the coronavirus after saying he wanted to downplay it for the past week. When the subject of masks came up he said, “There are a lot of people who think the masks are not good.” George Stephanopoulos asked, “Who are those people?” Trump replied, “I’ll tell you who those people are. Waiters.” He rambled on about the virus going away and said that you can develop a “herd mentality.” Psych.

“I’ve herd enough of the president’s mentality” — George Conway

Trump and Netanyahu declared peace in the middle east at the White House with little fanfare. He bombed that one, too. Nobody watched. He gave Netanyahu a symbolic “key to the White House.” When asked about the Palestinians Trump said, “If they’re not going to speak well of us, we’re not going to get involved.”

Pyscho Republicans would have everybody believe that Biden is the president and that we have to vote for Trump to stop the mayhem. Plus Joe is going senile. The mentally defective president is trying to spin that Joe Biden is in mental decline. Russia is helping by putting out false stories to a whacked out mentally unfit kill the libtards audience. That’s the pot calling the kettle back.

Their first debate is coming up in 2 weeks. “I’m looking forward to the debate. He’s a fool,” Joe said. Trump wants Joe drug tested before the debates. Trump thinks Joe takes debate enhancers because Joe improved so much in his last debate with Bernie Sanders that the only explanation for getting that psyched and doing that well was because “he must be on drugs.” Trump can have pee in a cup. Biden wants live fact checkers.

“In the debate, Biden should just pull out a list of words and challenge Trump to pronounce them.” — Some guy on Twitter

In Trump’s regular call in to Fox and Friends he let it slip that he’d be calling in every Monday to woo the voters. That is technically a campaign contribution. He’s using the official White House social media accounts to campaign, too. Brad Parscale is in charge of that. He was demoted from being Trump’s campaign manager to posting on Facebook.

Fox thinks Trump is a psycho but they keep him calling in because it’s good for ratings. Everybody watching is crazy and they need him. Trump saves them.

Joe Biden has released 21 years worth of tax returns. Trump has not only not released any but he’s using the courts to keep from ever having to release them.

42,000 meat packing workers have been infected with the coronavirus and 200 have died so far. The plants with the most infections are in Greeley, Colorado and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The meat packing money makers drafted up an essential worker order that they put in front of Trump to sign to force their workers back to work which resulted in the spread of the virus, sickness and death. Now they’re getting fined but it’s a tiny price to pay for the meat packing money makers. THIS IS INSANE. Capitalism kills.

South Dakota’s infection rate is quadruple the rest of the country. It has the highest infection rate– 20.9%. The governor, Kristi Noem, is a Trump groupie who puts her own career and loyalty to Trump ahead of the health and well being of the people in her state. She won’t be bossed around by “an elite class of so called experts” to tell her what to do about a deadly virus sweeping through her state. She launched a statewide trial of Trump’s drug, hydroxychloroquine and is using $5 million in coronavirus relief funds to pay for tourism ads even though tourists have infected 260,000,000 people throughout the country with the Trump Plague after riding out of Sturgis. Also, she’s a nationalist. She is sharing driver’s license and state ID records with the Census Bureau to let the Trump administration know about her residents’ legal status. Trump won’t be saving those meat packers. The state’s attorney general called 911 and said he hit a deer over the weekend. He had to wait a day and sober up first before making that call. He had been partying at a GOP fundraiser. He didn’t hit a deer. He hit a man and killed him. The attorney general kills people in South Dakota. South Dakota is Trump Country. This is insane.

Republican state senator in Oregon, Fred Girod, the guy who walked out on a climate change bill with 10 other Republicans so there couldn’t be a quorum for the vote is now homeless. His house burned down.

Chuck Schumer is calling for the resignation of Trump’s health secretary Alex Azar because of the political interference in the federal government’s response to the coronavirus and for putting an insane person in charge of communications.

Bill Barr is overseeing the destruction of the Department of Justice and is now going after John Bolton for writing his book. Bill Barr is a psycho. A really smart one. Insanely smart psychos are the scariest.

Alexander Vindman and Dr. Fauci have to had to hire bodyguards to protect their families because Trump’s groupies are psycho killers.

Trump admitted that he wanted to assassinate the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, back in 2017. Trump’s favorite thing about being president is getting to kill people.

What’s more insane? Trump saying that he alone can save us or people believing him?

Astronomers have discovered a possible sign of life on Venus and now everybody wants to move there.

48 days until we get to vote.

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