Putin’s War

Spike Dolomite
3 min readFeb 28, 2022


Moms in Ukraine are sewing the blood types of their children into their clothes in case the Russians shoot or bomb them. The Russians have killed 16 children so far. Meanwhile in America, moms are losing their shit and threatening to shoot school board members for requiring kids to be vaccinated and wear masks to protect public health.

Putin is ultra paranoid of getting covid. How do the anti-mask, anti-vax, ant-democratic Putin fans in America reconcile that? If he’s so tough and powerful, why is he so scared of a little hoax?

Mitt Romney said Americans rooting for Putin are almost treasonous. Almost? What does he say about members of Congress rooting for Putin? What does he say about Russian politicians taking money from the Russians? What does he say about the Republican platform favoring Russia and not Ukraine? What does he have to say about his fellow Republican senators hanging out in Moscow on July 4? Anything?

Sunflowers have become a symbol for Ukraine after a grandmother yelled at a Russian soldier and then handed him sunflower seeds to put in his pocket so that something will grow from his dead body after he’s killed.

The Russian ruble is now worth 1 American cent. The Russian stock markets will collapse shortly. The Central Bank of Russia isn’t even open today. Putin is causing the greatest economic crisis in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The world has got him backed into a corner.

The Bank of China’s Singapore division will no long finance deals involving Russian oil and Russian companies.

The UK is cracking down on oligarchs buying property anonymously and laundering money by creating a new “Registry of Foreign Entities” that requires anonymous buyers of real estate over the past 20 years to reveal the names of the true owners.

Sweden dusted off 5,000 anti-tank missles and sent them to Ukraine. They haven’t done that since 1939. They like to stay out of everything.

The EU Commission has shut down the EU airspace to any Russian owned, Russian registered or Russian controlled aircraft. The Russians won’t be able to land in, take off or overfly any of the territory of the EU. That includes oligarchs and their private jets.

Canada shut its air space to Russia.

George W. Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice deviated from the normal Fox News talking points in a Fox interview by praising Joe Biden for uniting NATO in ways she didn’t think were possible after the Cold War.

Joe Biden sat on the Intelligence Committee for 20 years. He knows Putin. He outsmarted him by going public with intelligence that exposed how he was going to justify the invasion. He got ahead of him by making things transparent. He screwed up his strategy for him which has thrown him off. Now the whole world is united behind Biden, against Putin. Another reason why he’s the right man for this time.

Republicans are flopping all over the place, trying to pivot to Ukraine’s side while at the same time blaming Biden for Putin’s war.

“The GOP’s never appeared smaller and more fringe. As the world is at the brink of war, they’ve defended the enemy, attacked our leadership and allies, and continued their embarrassing, petty, divisive rhetoric. They’re absent on the global stage and are a total embarrassment to humanity.” — Brett Meiselas

Belarus has passed a “referendum” to abandon its no nukes status so it can help Russia use nuclear weapons against Ukraine and possibly the world. Putin has put his nuclear forces on alert.

What if Trump was still president?

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