Trump did a MAGA rally in Michigan and bragged about winning the nonexistent Michigan Man of the Year award again, described protesters being assaulted by police as “beautiful,” got people to boo “Indigenous Peoples Day,” and led a chant of “Lock her up!” regarding their governor who was almost kidnapped and assassinated by far-right domestic terrorists. Ted Nugent performed the National Anthem.

2 MAGAs in Minnesota are now in the hospital sick with the coronavirus after attending a MAGA rally with 2,000 other people. 20 cases have been traced back to Trump. The health department has declared his tarmac MAGA rally an official outbreak.

Trump plans on doing super spreader MAGA rallies every day before the election not because he’s going to get any new votes but because his ego must have them or he’ll go nuts. He has incorporated dancing into his shtick now which is just gross.

Republicans are freaking out — worried about what will become of them post Trump. They’re distancing themselves from Trump which is hilarious because they’ve seen him naked. The emperor has no clothes and they’ve been telling him how dashing he looks in his custom tailored suits for 4 years.

The Republicans have seen the first lady naked too. We all have.

“It’s tempting to use the analogy of rats fleeing a sinking ship to describe the growing number of Republican elected officials starting to speak out against Donald Trump. But that’s really not fair to rats, who tend not to be complicit in driving ships to the bottom of the sea.” — Dan Rather

Republicans are worried that the Democrats will start violating norms. There aren’t any norms left. Republicans and Trump have violated and destroyed all of them already.

QAnon is taking over the GOP like the Tea Party did in 2010. While the Tea Party started off as a small group of corporate funded protests amplified by right wing media using duped paranoid white people who made fools of themselves by wrapping themselves in the flag and wearing colonial hats with tea bags hanging from the rim, QAnon is downright demented and dangerous. The Tea Party demonstrations were very white and whacky and made to look like a spontaneous grassroots movement using far right populist libertarian white privileged dupes who hated immigration, unions, Obama, paying taxes, the Affordable Care Act, gun control, and the government in general. Republicans in Congress were scared of them. QAnon people are batshit whacko cray cray cultists. Tea Partiers put pressure on legislators and ran for office themselves, pushing the party further to the right. Many Tea Party nuts are still in Congress today and make up the Freedom Caucus. They will soon be surpassed by QAnoners who will do more than push Republicans further right, right over the edge of a flat earth. They are violent. They believe in the deep state and are armed and ready. They are much more gullible, unstable, angry and dumber than Tea Partiers. They’re agenda is to save the world from a government run by Satanists, pedophiles and cannibals. They believe Trump was sent by God to save them and the children who are being sex trafficked by Democrats. They aren’t just a bunch of anti vaxxers who show up at MAGA rallies with guns holding up Q signs. They’re running for Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon congressional candidate in northwest Georgia, is running unopposed. Her district is so deep gun nut evangelical red that Democrats are as uncommon as “Jesus was a Liberal” bumper stickers. The Democratic party is so weak there that the only guy they could run in 2018 was a lefty nudist. Marjorie Taylor Greene did have a Democratic opponent for a month but he dropped out after being harassed and threatened by gun nuts. She carries her AR-15 around like a purse and drives a Humvee. Her first major ad featured her barreling across a field in her Humvee blasting targets labeled “open borders” and “socialism” with her AR-15. Her public image is a rich and fit booby blonde who loves guns and hates Muslims and the Clintons. She rented a condo in the district so she could run. She promotes conspiracy theories like Bill and Hillary Clinton are murderers, Obama is a Muslim, and QAnon is for real. She supports 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse. She said that him killing 2 people was the first stage of a “new civil war.” She raffled off one of her guns to promote her campaign — “Guns and ammo are selling out EVERYWHERE because of the Biden/Antifa riots. I’m giving away this beautiful gun I used in my campaign ad to one of my followers. Enter to win!” She used another gun in an ad in which she pointed her gun towards congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib saying they are illegitimate House members because they swore in on the Quran. She has endorsed Kelly Loeffler for Senate and is campaigning alongside her. Most recently they pulled up to an event in her Humvee but made the mistake of wearing seatbelts. Seatbelts infringe on personal liberty! No matter. Their blonde hair, big boobs and guns made the voters forget all about personal liberty. Loeffler won Greene over when she criticized Black Lives Matter. “If Black Lives Matters to this organization, they would care about all the black babies that die every single day through abortion, they would care about the black lives that are taken on black on black crime.”

Trump retweets QAnon conspiracy theories.

The FBI categorizes QAnon as a domestic threat.

16 days until election day.

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