Roger Stone won’t shut up. He’s got his moment in the spot light and by God, he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. It’s the moment he’s been waiting for. I’m on TV!!!!!!! “They’re trying to criminalize free speech… I honestly believe they’re going to try to charge POTUS and VP on hokum. That way they can make Pelosi president. She can make Hillary vice president and then step aside. It’s a nightmare.”

A little over a year ago Alex Jones and Roger Stone went to a shooting range to prepare for civil war so they could break out if Trump was removed. Today he’s saying that the FBI stormed his house with greater force than was used to take down Bin Laden or El Chapo or Pablo Escobar. So much for his civil war training with Alex Jones. All they had to do was knock on his door.

Speaking of Alex Jones, Roger Stone went on InfoWars to call his criminal charges a “legal lynching” on the same day that Jussie Smollett, a gay black man, was nearly literally lynched.

A Guatemalan woman who used to work for Trump is going to his state of the union address. The undocumented immigrant, Victorina Morales, worked as a housekeeper at Trump’s National Golf Club in New Jersey for 5 years. Now she doesn’t. She was invited by her Democratic congresswoman. Let’s hope we get a good view of the 2 of them on TV while he’s talking about criminal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans.

The 4 states with the highest youth suicide rates are Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. These states also have the highest rates of gun ownership. Well, duh. Where else is a kid going to get a gun when he’s in a desperate hormonal cyclone but in his own home?

Here we go with God in government again………Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that God wanted Trump to become president so that means she’s working for God which means God approves of everything she says and does because it’s all on TV.

Jimmy Kimmel went on TV and said, “Even God was like, ‘What the hell?’”

“It’s kind of amazing that God was unable to deliver a popular vote win for his/her chosen candidate, and chose instead to work wonders through a combination of Jim Comey, Russian meddling, and the Electoral College” — Ronald Klain

Since the Texas Board of Education voted to keep Moses as a founding father in its social studies curriculum, Texas must believe then that God is in the White House and that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is Our Lady of Guadalupe who appears in the TV.

Last week, state officials claimed that nearly 100,000 Texas voters may not be US citizens. Now they’re taking that back. Here we go with Republicans suppressing the vote in Texas. If they lose Texas, the GOP is Texas toast.

If Republicans don’t cheat, they can’t win.

Mitch McConnell says NO WAY to making election day a federal holiday. He says it’s a “power grab” by Democrats to win elections. That’s not it. He knows that if more people vote, they won’t for Republicans. Like, duh.

The Republican voting block is depleting. Old, gullible, Fox News watching white people are dying off. No more TV for you!

“The media onslaught against white privilege, Christianity, male toxicity, all the liberal nonsense, reveals a misstep by those uneducated in the power of history. The one sure thing history has taught us: never declare a race war against a majority. It won’t end well.” — Mean old whited washed up actor with too much time on his hands, James Woods

Trump has nothing on his schedule for the week except lunch, an intelligence briefing and TV. His schedule has been almost empty for 2 weeks.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Trump blasted all of the intelligence officials who contradicted him by saying they were wrong and needed to “go back to school.” Not a single Republican called Trump out for saying that.

Republicans haven’t asked any questions about the border in hearings.

Trump says that Democrats secretly support the wall. They told him through the TV.

Chuck Schumer has called for a Trump intervention. Now that would be great reality TV.

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