Red Flags

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMay 24, 2024


Court won’t be back in session for another 4 days so Americans will be spared Trump’s shenanigans outside and inside the court. No more reports of him sleeping through testimony, farting, shitting his pants, or bullshitting reporters before and after court with printed props.

While we enjoy our break, there’s other news, all of it terrible of course:

Alito flew a second MAGA flag after the insurrection at his beach house in New Jersey (he can afford a vacation home for he is one of the richest justices on the court, worth $10 million) from July through September 2023. It was flown during the Revolutionary War, a symbol of overthrowing a tyrannical government. Now the “Appeal to Heaven” flag is used by the Christian Christian Nationalist movement to signal a new country is coming — one for white Christians only. The flag was flown at the Capitol on January 6. The movement believes in spiritual warfare. They are appealing to heaven to overturn the election.

Red flag! The message is: America should be a Christian state.

A group known as the New Apostolic Reformation led by Dutch Sheets has been working since 2015 to get Republicans to fly the Appeal to Heaven flag. Speaker Mike Johnson hangs it outside of his office at the Capitol.

45 House Democrats sent Alito a letter calling on him to recuse from cases related to January 6. The Senate has been working on legislation to require the Supreme Court to adopt a binding ethics code and implement procedures to handle claims of judicial misconduct but it’s no use until voters kick the MAGA Christian Nationalist Republicans out of the House in November. A few more Democrats in the Senate would be great, too.

Get it together, America. Vote your asses off in November and vote for Democrats or we’ll all have to live under a new flag.

Trump’s attorneys found classified documents in his bedroom four months after the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago. To deflect from this breaking news, Trump and the right-wing media have accused Biden of attempting to assassinate Trump. Claiming that a political opponent is trying to assassinate them is a classic tactic of fascists to get a monopoly on victimhood so they can justify using violence and overturning an election.

Another red flag: Nikki Haley announced she’s voting for Trump. She came onto the national scene when she supported the removal of the confederate flag that had been hanging at the state capital when she was the governor of South Carolina. People thought she was cool, for a Republican. Then she planted her lips firmly on Trump’s ass and rode his smelly coat tails as far as she could out of personal political ambition. People didn’t think she was cool anymore. Then she kicked it up during the Republican primary and went after Trump for the first time in her career. People thought she might be getting cool again until she said she was voting for him.

Speaking of South Carolina, in a 6–3 decision, the MAGA Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling finding that South Carolina’s Republican congressional map was racially gerrymandered. The Supreme Court says it wasn’t. The Republican racist map stays. This is bad news for anybody who isn’t white and Christian in South Carolina, but it’s bad for the country now because the court has set a precedent, making it harder to fight against future racial gerrymandering. White Christian Nationalist Justice Alito took the lead on this just like reversing Roe v Wade, but black White Christian Nationalist Justice Clarence Thomas concurred, saying federal courts should no longer hear racial gerrymandering claims, “I write separately to address whether our voting-rights precedents are faithful to the Constitution.” All three liberal justices dissented. They should hang the pride flag outside of their offices at the Supreme Court building. Way more would be made out of that than is being made out of the insurrection flags.

If voters don’t get it together in November, we’ll be living under a new flag.

Trial courts aren’t going to matter anymore. Republicans will just take their rulings against them and move it up to their friends to the Supreme Court where they will rule in favor of what will help them reinvent the country into a White Christian Nationalist Society.

George Conway put up a billboard near the freeway exit that leads to Mar-a-Lago that says, “Vote for Joe not the Psycho.” George says he hopes it amuses Trump as much as it amuses him.

If we all vote in November, Trump will lose badly and he’ll have to wave the white flag. The other white flag.



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