Red Hot Mess

Spike Dolomite
4 min readSep 5, 2018

Yesterday was the first day of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and it was a red hot mess. While that was happening, Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear,” was announced, revealing that the White House is a red hot mess.

Bob Woodward was one of the Washington Post reporters who broke the Watergate story. Trump’s red hot mess trumps Nixon’s red hot mess.

The Kavanaugh hearing was a complete circus, run by trained monkey Republican senators. Chuck Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was a red hot mess. He banged his gavel a lot to look the part, but otherwise, he was an old man screaming at a cloud. Heavyweight activists were in the room. They rose up in protest, one at a time, and got kicked out and arrested, one at a time. This upset the old white men who think of themselves as nobility. The plebeians were rude to them. Women in Handmaid’s Tale costumes were lined up outside. The trained monkeys flirted with and flattered Kavanaugh. The Democrats strategically made their case about the Republicans not letting them vet Kavanugh, hiding documents, the president being under criminal investigation, and Kavanaugh’s record on abortion, gun control, money in politics, and presidential power. They held the floor for as long as they could to delay the proceedings and requested to be adjourned numerous times. Meanwhile Americans frantically called, emailed and faxed Chuck Grassley’s office to say STOP THE HEARING.


Republican hypocrite fun fact: Every Republican on the judiciary committee is a hypocrite. The hearing is formality. It’s all for show. Kavanaugh is already confirmed.

A White House staffer who works with white supremacist Stephen Miller and whose husband was appointed by Trump to the federal bench in Texas and has been supporting the administration’s policy to cleanse the country of brown people by incarcerating them at the border, was picked up on camera texting and flashing what appears to be the white power sign, right in back of Kavanaugh.

At the lunch break, Fred Guttenberg approached Brett Kavanaugh to introduce himself as the father of Jaime Guttenberg, one of the kids who was shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. When he extended his hand to shake Kavanaugh’s hand, Kavanaguah wouldn’t touch him. He gave him the look that nobility gives ungrateful, dirty commoners. He buttoned his jacket, turned his back on him, and walked off. Brett Kavanaugh could give a shit about Fred Guttenberg or his dead daughter. That’s a red hot mess for Kavanaugh because it was picked up on camera. Lots of them.

70 protesters got arrested.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska called the women using their voices to protest “hysterical.” If he knew about women’s history he wouldn’t have used that word. Or maybe he does know about women’s history and he used that word on purpose. If he’s not in a red hot mess with his wife she’s hysterical.

When it was Kavanaugh’s turn to talk, he said there has never been a president who has been more thorough in vetting and selecting the next Supreme Court Justice. That was a really stupid thing to say because everybody knows that’s not true. Trump is so lazy and stupid he sips red hot mess with a straw. Somebody told him that Kavanaugh is the guy who could make him king and he said, “You’re hired.”

Orrin Hatch made a complete fool of himself gushing over Kavanaugh like he does Trump. Old man making out with a cloud.

If Brett Kavanaugh is as honorable as the Republicans say he is, why isn’t he requesting that the hearings be rescheduled until everyone has a chance to read all of the documents on him, as is the custom of all Supreme Court candidates?

While all of this was going on another red hot mess erupted — Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear.” It’s about Trump and the White House and it confirms what we already know — the administration is a red hot mess. Trump’s staff thinks he’s a lazy, childish fool. They hide things from him and take papers off of his desk to keep him from doing something really stupid like selling the United States to Russia. He’s unfit for office.

How did Trump respond to “Fear?” By accusing Bob Woodward of being a Dem operative.

America is a red hot mess. Only a blue wave can put it out.

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