Remember the Alamo

Spike Dolomite
5 min readMay 26, 2022


Beto O’Rourke confronted Greg Abbott and a group of Republicans while they were giving a press conference in a local auditorium about the school shooting in Texas. He stood up as a constituent and a father, but his First Amendment rights were trumped by their Second Amendment rights and therein is the crux of the problem in a gun nut shell. Texas is to the US war on democracy as the Alamo was to the Texas Revolution only this time the outcome of the battle tilts more in favor of the defeat of the white guys. White supremacy and the patriarchy are going down, but not without a bloody fight.

Beto stood up to speak from the crowd. Greg Abbott and the others in power stood above him, on a stage, looking down on him and pointing. One woman and one Black man were strategically placed in the front row to make it look like they aren’t a bunch of limp dick racists. The leader of them all sat in the center. He couldn’t stand because he’s paralyzed in a wheelchair, king of the limp dicks (this isn’t a dig at the disabled, it’s a metaphor.)

Beto called Greg Abbott out for doing NOTHING about gun violence in the wake of so many shootings. He’s only made it easier and more accessible for the shooters to arm themselves. The most powerful men in the state were standing there, looking down on him as he stood alone. They were more angry about Beto interrupting them than they were about 19 children and 2 teachers being slaughtered.

The media said he rushed the stage and heckled Abbott. He did no such thing. He stood up and walked towards the stage calmly, made his point and then the cops escorted him out peacefully. He didn’t make any sudden movements on his way out lest some gun nut shoot from the hip because they were mad during his exit. Guns were everywhere except for on Beto. That took guts.

All of the powerful white men on that stage were born on third base, even Beto. They lucked out and were born with a white penis. But Beto is the only one of them who has moved aside to coach third base instead of stealing home like the rest of them. He doesn’t want to be on that stage. He wants to be with the people.

Texas is the first state to start taking rights away from citizens, starting with abortion and voting rights. White supremacists are banning books and regulating what’s being taught in schools in order to preserve white supremacist history. It is expanding rights for gun owners, though — no limits. Just stock up and be ready. Ready for what? To “defend,” intimidate, and even kill anyone who threatens their God given right to steal home base.

The NRA, the most profound force for evil in America, has moved its headquarters to Texas because its safe there. Beto called Abbott out for not cancelling his appearance at the upcoming NRA conference in two days when 5 of the worst mass shootings in US history have happened under his watch.

Beto going up alone against the elite power structure is a symbol for this time. Both men want to be governor of Texas. One represents the past, a weakened, threatened power structure stuck in a wheelchair, and the other represents an inclusive future armed with a different kind of patriotism. Freedom means something very different to the next generation of Americans — freedom to be themselves, freedom to control their own destinies, freedom from fear, and freedom from being shot.

It’s a fucking showdown and everybody is armed but the one lone white feminist punk rock guy who speaks fluent Spanish. The paradigm is shifting and he’s not only rolling with it, he’s leading.

The group on that stage also reflected the mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6 — all angry white men with a few women and POCs. And just like with the insurrection, Ted Cruz hid in the back row hoping he wouldn’t be seen. The patriarchy isn’t giving any of its unearned power up without a fight and right now that fight is being fought in defenseless elementary schools.

“Remember the Alamo” used to be the rally cry for vengeance against the Mexicans. It still does but now it means vengeance against everybody who isn’t white, straight, male, Christian, and Republican. The only thing that has expanded in Texas besides gun rights is its vengeance against the “others.”

Systemic racism must be fixed by white people because they are the ones who created it. Trump did the country a favor by turning it upside down. Everything is a scary, painful mess and everybody is freaked out and exhausted. There is no normal to return to. What we have left are pieces of the past scattered about that are being protected and defended by a heavily armed minority, and a lot of unknown territory waiting for the rest of us to shape. We have to reinvent ourselves, starting with dismantling white supremacy. Everything else is linked to that. We’ve done this before so we can do it again only this time we need to create something that includes everybody. White straight males can stay, they just have to share and that’s why they fight. They don’t want to share so they’ll have to be forced to. We do this by voting them all out so we can create new laws that limit their power and empower the rest of us.

The MAGA “master race” is going through its own existential crisis. Hence the “need” for all those fucking guns.

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