Republican Hog Day

Spike Dolomite
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is pissed off that people are criticizing him for not condemning emboldened Nazis in Florida for getting more forceful in their public threats. He says that anyone who condemns him is trying to “smear” him. What a hog.

Speaking of The Hog Ron DeSantis, he will be joined by Trumplicans Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, Mike Pence, and Kayleigh McEnany at a speaking engagement hosted by the Federalist Society in Florida. The press is not invited.

Speaking of Mike Pence, his former chief legal counsel, Greg Jacob met with the Select Committee for nearly 9 hours yesterday. He was asked about being at a meeting on January 4 in the Oval Office where crackpot lawyer John Eastman pressured Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election and did it again the next day, the day before the insurrection. After the Capitol was attacked he was still harassing Greg Jacob to pressure Mike Pence to not certify the election.

Since Trump was unsuccessful at getting Mike Pence to go along with his plan, he tried to use his power to use three of the most powerful agencies in the US government and the world, The Pentagon, the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security, to help him hold on to power. After the election, Phil Waldron, a retired Army colonel with a background in psychological operations, who circulated a 38 page PowerPoint to get Trump to declare a state of emergency, joined Trump kooks Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and Sidney Powell in claiming that he had evidence that China had hacked into voting machines and he could prove it if only he could get his hands on the machines. After Trump heard about that he did what he always does and went on TV to say that China interfered with the election without any proof. That’s all his followers require. If Trump says something on TV it must be true. Then Mike Flynn went on TV to tell Trump that he could use the military to seize voting machines for Phil Waldron to inspect. If Trump sees it on TV it’s true because he’s a lazy hog who does nothing but watch TV and golf all day.

The 3 most powerful agencies in the world told the most powerful man in the world that they wouldn’t go along with his plan. If any of them had said yes we would be living in a very different country and a very different world today.

Speaking of Mike Flynn, he said on Alex Jones’ Infowars show that covid was intentionally introduced into the world by global elites like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the Arabella Group so they can “rule the world,” “control humanity,” and defeat Donald Trump.

The Select Committee is looking into whether or not Trump approached local law enforcements to seize voting machines for him since the 3 military agencies told him no.

Speaking of the Select Committee, the Republican National Committee will debate whether or not they should endorse removing the only 2 Republicans on the committee, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, from the House Republican Caucus during their winter meeting in Salt Lake City this week.

The Select Committee has subpoenaed 14 of the illegitimate GOP “electors” who attempted to submit their names and votes for Trump to Congress. They are the chairs and secretaries of each Republican committee from each state. The panel wants to know who told them to literally sign on to Trump’s plan.

It’s Ground Hog Day 2–2–22. Do you know what the Republicans are doing today? Finishing what they started yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.

Defeat them.

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