A convicted felon in Texas sitting on his butt at home on house arrest turned a doctor in for performing an abortion and wants his money. Greg Abbott’s $10,000 bounty is about to be put to the constitutional test. It’s headed for court.

Next up at the Supreme Court: Mississippi’s anti-abortion law. It’s no mystery how this is going to turn out since Republican Jesus is in control of the highest court in the land.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota says she is introducing a bill to bring back prayer to public schools. Doesn’t matter what religion all of the kids are, they’ll be praying to Republican Jesus before they learn about the earth being flat and only 2,000 years old.

A sitting congressman, Madison Cawthorn, posted this: Never put your faith in anyone but God. The government can’t work miracles, part the sea, or turn water into wine. They can’t even balance a budget.

Republicans are forcing women to bear children when the men who impregnate them can impregnate 100 other women, abandon them and their children, never suffer any consequences, and be blessed by Republican Jesus.

A misogynist carrying a sign that said women belong in the home got punched in the face by a woman who was not at home.

College presidents who want to protect their campuses from covid are running into a big problem: Republican Jesus and Republican lawmakers.

Covid deaths have now surpassed those from the 1918 flu pandemic.

Republicans in Tennessee want vaccinated residents to be denied access to monoclonal antibody treatments to preserve supplies for the entitled, stupid unvaccinated residents.

78% of Republican voters don’t believe Biden is president. If these people want their friends and family members back they better stop worshipping Republican Jesus and head for Republican rehab because sane people want nothing to do with them.

The first Trump devotee sentenced with a felony for storming the Capitol on January 6, Paul Hodgkins, is now sitting in a federal prison in Florida where he’ll sit for 8 months. Which meetings will he attend while he’s there? Republican Jesus book study or Republican Rehab?

Texas Boogaloo member Aaron Swenson will be going to jail for 50 years for hunting down law enforcement on live stream, wearing his boogaloo uniform (a Hawaiian shirt and green tactical vest) holding 150 rounds of ammunition, 3 firearms, and a Japanese Samurai katana sword. Which meetings will he attend while he rots in jail? Republican Jesus book study or Republican Rehab?

Florida has become the 4th state to reach 50,000 covid deaths. 400 people a day are dying from covid and Governor Death Sentence is still digging in his heels, totally opposed to the government doing anything about it, banking on enough Republican voters who don’t believe Biden is president to still be alive to vote for him for re-election.

14,500 Haitian refugees have turned up in Texas to make an asylum claim. They crossed the Rio Grande and are assembled under a bridge. How did they end up in Texas and not Florida? Are the 2 governors in cahoots with one another to create an “invasion of the immigrants” story to take media attention away from the 2 of them killing their own people? They have both been spinning the “border crisis” in Texas whenever they publicly can, changing the subject from covid to immigrants even when it’s obvious and ridiculous to do so. What about the border? What about the border? De Santis even sent the national guard to “protect” Texas’s border. Border patrol agents are being photographed terrorizing migrants on horseback. White men whipping defenseless black men while their families are forced to watch, helpless. Who is going to respond favorably to such images? Everybody who will vote for Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

Speaking of Texas, a new mom and dad in Dallas finally got a night out and decided to go out to dinner, leaving their 4 month old son with cystic fibrosis home with a baby sitter. They’re vaccinated but they still wear masks whenever they leave the house to protect their son who is immunocompromised. The restaurant kicked them out because they violated their dress code.

2 young adults in Washington who lost their 45 year old dad to covid are publicly blaming Fox and Tucker Carlson for killing their father with anti vax propaganda.

Alen Weisselberg’s trial is going to take longer than expected because more Trump Organization evidence has been found in the basement of a co-conspirator’s basement and more indictments are expected. Looks like the trial will be drawn out until next fall, just in time for the midterms. This won’t be good for Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis and other Trumplicans running for re-election because the headlines will all be about Trump and the trial.

Beto O’Rourke is going to take Greg Abbott on and run for governor of Texas next year. Beto is the antithesis of Abbott. With hundreds of Republican voters dropping dead from covid every day (62,500 have died in total so far,) and finding their way to Republican rehab, he stands a pretty good chance.

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