Republican Jesus the Law of the Land

Republicans are dancing on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grave and she hasn’t even been buried yet. Trump made his formal appointment of Amy Coney Barrett before the burial. She stood there smiling as any 21st Republican would do — no integrity, no decency, no care whatsoever that you’re being appointed by an impeached criminal. Republican Jesus will be the law of the land!

Speaking of Republican Jesus, Franklin Graham (Jerry Falwell, Jr wasn’t invited — he would be bad optics right now with the pool boy, sex kitten, yacht and getting fired scandal and all,) Mike Pence, and former kookiest Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann led a prayer march at the Lincoln Memorial where they thanked God for Trump and his SCOTUS pick. “Our country is in trouble and only God can fix it.” God sent Trump and now Trump is sending Amy.

Speaking of Mike Pence, at the RNC he told everybody in his speech that re-electing Trump would mean “four more years of judges.”

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Trump has appointed 53 appeals court judges and not one of them is black.

Republicans are out there saying that Democrats hate Amy Coney Barrett because she’s Catholic so they could reframe “Christian” and pick up a few Catholic votes. Idiots. Joe Biden is Catholic and no, the Democrats haven’t gone after her for being Catholic. They’re going after he because she’s on record for saying, MANY TIMES, that God’s law trumps man’s law.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has started selling “The Notorious ACB” t-shirts.

Women in their 40s will die with fewer rights than when they were born.

“The GOP is now the party that boos John McCain and cheers Kyle Rittenhouse.” — Bryan Behar

After Trump did the Republicans’ bidding by announcing their pick for SCOTUS, he flew off to a MAGA rally where he got his narcissistic supply attention fix. He told the crowd, “They’re using our free airwaves for fake news OK? They’re using our free airwaves. Think about that, we’re thinking about that. Why are they using free airways to give fake news?” MAGAs are too stupid to understand that that’s what he was doing right then and there with them as an audience, holding up props. Then he led them in a “Lock her up!” chant when he asked them if they remembered Hillary’s emails. Stupid people. Stupid people who vote.

The media should stop covering Trump’s rallies like they did in 2016, giving him all that free TV commercial time, and instead turn the cameras on the millions of lives he has ruined. Show the suffering. All we get are the numbers. Tell us their stories.

866,000 people have ALREADY voted. Only 9,000 people had voted at this point in 2016.

1 million absentee ballots have been requested in North Carolina. 85,000 were requested last year at this time.

In Pennsylvania, 8 times as many people have already voted early as did in 2016.

In Florida, 5 million ballots have been requested so far. 2,304,295 for Democrats, 1,571,052 for Republicans, and 1,044,882 with no party affiliation.

For the first time, there are fewer registered Republicans than independents.

ActBlue raised more than a quarter billion dollars in the week following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. They brought in $125 million 48 hours after the news broke. They’ve broken all records. They brought in $80 million in the past 2 years.

Trump can’t win legitimately so he’s already plotting to contest the election results with a packed Supreme Court. People need to vote in droves so that he loses in a landslide so he can’t take it to the Supreme Court.

Mitch McConnell is fast tracking a Supreme Court Justice vote but has refused to get a relief bill through for the 20–30 million unemployed, the 1 out of 5 small businesses that have closed and the millions of people who will be evicted next month if they don’t get some sort of assistance.

We will soon have a 6–3 Republican majority on the Supreme Court comprised of one sexual harasser, one rapist, and one stolen nomination. 4 of the 6 were nominated by a president who lost the popular vote. Only 3 are women. The highest court in the land is dominated by a corrupt, white male minority. And Jesus.

37 days until we get to vote.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.