The right wing’s extreme make over where they all of a sudden are presenting themselves as pro-vax is being taken up by most everybody except Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. A child has died from covid in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district and she’s just as outspoken about being anti-vax as ever.

Florida, Missouri and Texas account for 40% of new covid cases and for only one reason-their Republican governors are greedy, murderous, ambitious pricks.

Speaking of greedy, murderous, ambitious pricks, a year ago Ted Cruz said that if Biden won the election that the virus would magically go away because it was a political fabrication to win votes.

After a MAGA died from covid. his wife couldn’t believe it. “It happened so fast!” Fast? You and your husband and all your MAGA friends and family were warned for 6 months that this could happen. States have been begging people to get vaccinated. Some have even offered food, gift cards, college tuition and cash to persuade lazy, gullible, selfish people like you to do the right thing. How it didn’t happen sooner is the real shocker.

Doctors and nurses have a new burden — having to treat people they resent. They have to psych themselves up to deal with lazy, gullible, selfish people who are taking up beds in the hospital and spreading the virus.

The governor of Alabamie has joined the pro-vaccine Republicans that popped up out of nowhere over the past couple of days. “It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down!” Say what? Alabama has the nation’s worst vaccination rate and that’s not because, as she put it, they lack “common sense.” They may lack common sense, but they’ve also lacked access to the vaccine, accurate information, and strong leadership from their governor who lifted mask mandates and refused to let businesses require vaccines. She refuses to take responsibility for the virus being out of control in her state. When a reporter asked her what it’s going to take for people to get vaccinated she got pissed and said she’s done everything she can think of (except mandate masks, social distancing, and public activity.) She blamed it on the unvaccinated. A good chunk of the people without common sense are showing up at hospitals without insurance because Alabama is 1 out of 12 states that has refused to expand Medicaid so people can afford health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. This is all on Governor Kay Ivey.

None of the newly woke Republicans are blaming themselves for people not getting vaccinated. Give them time. They’ll think up something to where it’s all the Democrats’ fault.

Every time that the Republicans come around and start doing the right thing the Democrats are way ahead of them.

House Republican leaders did a news conference to attack Democrats and accuse them, without proof, of covering up the origins of the virus. They expressed their outrage at being asked if they were vaccinated. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s former feel good doctor said, “I think you as a press have a responsibility to ask questions of the Democrats as well. How many of the Democrats are willing to say whether or not they’ve been vaccinated?” The answer is 100%. All House and Senate Democrats have been vaccinated and they’ve been screaming it from the rooftops all along so others will get vaccinated.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is projecting his lousy leadership and failure to protect the public from the covid virus on to federal health officials. He accused them of “telling noble lies” to the American public.

26 year old congressman Madison Cawthorn has pledged to prosecute Dr. Fauci “to the full ability of the law” after the repugs take control of the House in 2022. He also called for Jill Biden to be indicted.

In other news not related to Republicans killing people — Mississippi’s Attorney General has asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, the FBI had turned over 4,500 tips on Brett Kavanaugh to Trump during the extension of his confirmation hearing and he buried them all, the Olympics in Tokyo started this morning but athletes will compete without cheering crowds because spectators aren’t allowed due to a deadly worldwide pandemic that has killed over 4 million people.

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