Republicans Kill

Spike Dolomite
3 min readSep 27, 2021

Trump did a MAGA rally in Georgia to throw infected, lethal shit at his maskless, unvaccinated cult followers and they loved it. They rubbed it all over themselves as soon as it him them. They’ve missed him so much. MAGAs are more nuts for Trump than teenaged girls were for Elvis in the 50s. They chanted, “Audit! Audit!” He endorsed candidates that like him and threw shit at America’s voting rights champion, Senator Rafael Warnock. He sold some hats because that’s the only Trump branded shit that sells anymore. One MAGA groupie who is running for governor commented breathlessly, “President Trump has created an industry around America’s love for him. Every time you go to a rally you see people selling stuff.” The idiot rubbed some shit all over himself when he confessed to violating Georgia Code § 21–2–604 by criminally soliciting Governor Brian Kemp to overturn the results of a free and fair election. He admitted that he called Kemp to ask him to hold a special election. Trump is dumber than shit but his fans are even dumber.

The group with the highest number of unvaccinated people and deaths are Trump’s fans. He’s killing them without really killing them.

Charles Manson never killed anybody either.

It was quite a weekend for MAGAs and QAnon weirdos in Arizona. Nazi Republican Congressman and Sedition Caucus member Paul Gosar said he wants to hold a new election between Biden and Trump before the end of the year and the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Kelli Ward called for ANOTHER audit even though Biden has won in Arizona four times. The John McCain Republicans have called on her to resign because she’s killing them.

Idaho has run out of space to store its dead.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is busy campaigning in covid infested Arkansas, running against the “radical left” (in Arkansas? Insert screaming crying clown face covered in Trump shit here,) Joe Biden mishandling covid (in Arkansas?,) immigration and Afghanistan. She’s not running on anything happening in Arkansas because she doesn’t need to. Shit floats and she’s killing it with the Republican BS.

Greg Abbott banned mail order abortion pills in Texas.

Your body his choice. Just say Roe.

Paid protestors are showing up at school board and city council meetings across the country to threaten and intimidate board members so they’ll quit. The objective is for far right Republicans to take over local municipalities. One group showed up at a school board meeting in Glendale, California and were chanting, “Shame on LAUSD!” Glendale has its own school district. It’s not part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Parents would know that.

Republicans playing around in shit and grooming, massaging and rewarding the worst in people for decades has amounted to all hell breaking loose. Shit is everywhere and like the dead from covid, it keeps piling up. It’s filling meeting rooms in local communities, town squares, living rooms, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, police departments, courts, and Congress. Two viruses are spreading across the country — the Republican plague and covid. The indifference by Republicans to the pain, suffering and death, the demise of the great American experiment, and the destruction of the planet is killing us.

Republicans and their followers aren’t going to see the light and change course. They must be defeated. If everybody votes they can’t possibly win.

Register people to vote today and every day.

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