Republiqans! RUN!!!!!!!

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 27, 2021


Ted Cruz is back at the border again but this time it’s at midnight, in the weeds, to shoot a segment of his own reality TV show, GQP Survivor.

Ted Cruz released a video of himself with 17 other Senate Republiqans who ventured into the thicket at the Rio Grande in the middle of the night to see for themselves what was going on and to confront the criminal invasion themselves since Biden won’t do it. They called it a midnight hunt for migrants. He swears he came face to face with human traffickers and drug cartels. Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, and Lindsey Graham were co-stars. Ted Cruz called the Dems talking on camera about gun violence “political theater.” What was this? They proved nothing and offered nothing in the way of solutions. They just wanted to get their base worked up and make Biden look bad. Biden said they were posturing. Can you imagine being one of those poor guys who have just walked thousands of miles to escape famine, violence, war and political turmoil only to be confronted with pasty white overfed grifters with a video camera in the dark? Republicans! RUN!!!!

The senators arrived in an armed boat and took selfies earlier in the day when the lighting was just right. Lindsey Graham grabbed the spot light and said they had to go there because immigration is the most important thing facing the nation today. No it isn’t. It’s covid, the economy, voting rights and the demise of our democracy, thanks to him and every Republiqan in that sinking boat. There wasn’t an invasion when Trump was president and there isn’t an invasion now. Going to the border was a racist move.

When Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was pressed with the claims mady by the GQP that there is an immigrant invasion, he reminded the press that there isn’t an invasion and that Trump blew up the department so they have to start from scratch, which means things are going to take time. Contrary to what the Republiqans claim, they aren’t letting anyone in except unaccompanied children (which are actually mostly teens ages 13–17, babies aren’t being ripped from their mothers.) President Biden said he wouldn’t allow unaccompanied children at the border to “starve to death and stay on the other side. No previous administration has done that either. Except Trump. I’m not gonna do it.” Everybody else is being told that due to covid, they aren’t processing new arrivals but that’s not good enough for the Republiqans. The brown people are coming! The brown people are coming! Lock up your daughters and get your guns! Run, Republiqans, run!

“Welcome to another day in the world’s last superpower, where a significant portion of the population wakes up every day angry that people fleeing corrupt police, a collapsing food chain, and gang violence have it too easy.” — Monty Boa

Rep. Park Cannon, the elected legislator who was kicked out of her workplace when she tried to do her job, is a member of Senator Raphael Warnock’s church. He flew from DC to visit her while she was in jail. Brad Kemp said she kicked a police officer.

A black female elected state representative knocked on the governor’s door of the state Capitol and got dragged out by police, thrown in jail and charged with 3 felonies. Thousands of white people broke down the doors of the US Capitol, attacked police officers, threatened to kill members of Congress, and got to go home. It won’t get any better if Republiqans keep running and keep getting elected.

Racist Governor Kemp is offended that people are accusing him of invoking Jim Crow. They used the Big Lie to claim election fraud. There is no voter fraud.

Brian Kemp stole the election from Stacey Abrams by using his power as Secretary of State to cheat. He purged voters from the rolls. That’s voter fraud.

Brian Kemp will be on the same ballot as Raphael Warnock in 2022 which means people will run for the polls.

The problem the Republiqans fixed in Georgia is Democrats winning. That’s a real problem for THEM. The public isn’t happy about this. They’re against the new Jim Crow law 70–77%. Republicans never want Ossoff and Warnock ever to happen again. They want to run the Jew and black man out of town so they can’t ever run again.

President Biden condemned Georgia’s new voter suppression law and called it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century” and “a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience.”

Republiqans aren’t doing anything to come up with new ideas. They haven’t analyzed where they went wrong after losing both houses and the presidency. They’re not concerned about winning voters back or attracting new ones. They aren’t even interested in governing. All they care about is holding on to power and the only way to do that is to cheat. If they don’t, they won’t be able to run anymore.

Look out! Republiqans! RUN! Run against them!

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