Repugnant Ass

Spike Dolomite
3 min readJul 19, 2022

Hobby Lobby took out a full page ad saying that only Christians should be involved in running the country. 8 years ago they won a Supreme Court case that said it was OK for them to deny their female employees birth control under their company health insurance plan.

Abortion outlaw update: A very excited mother-to-be was denied what used to be a standard procedure after a woman miscarries if her body doesn’t expel the dead fetus on its own. After being given the bad news that she had had a miscarriage, the doctor told her he couldn’t help her by performing a dilation and curettage operation (commonly known as a D&C) which is the exact same procedure as an abortion. This woman was forced to carry her dead fetus for two weeks because she lives in Texas.

In Missouri, a pregnant woman can’t divorce her cheating husband because state divorce law says a fetus is not a person until it’s born so custody can’t be worked out until after birth. So women are not only not free to not have kids, but even if she wants kids and she’s stuck married to a repugnant ass, she can’t get free of him because the state owns her. Missouri divorce law and abortion law haven’t gotten in 17th century sync yet.

Trump told people he’s going to run again to protect himself from having to go to jail. Expect Republicans to get even more repugnant in their blatant repugnant ass kissing displays because they’re going to want pardons if he wins. He’ll hold that above them during his campaign to keep all of the repugs under control. Even if he doesn’t win he’ll still rake in a bunch of money from duped groupies who will send him what’s left of their paychecks, disability and social security benefits.

Georgia Congressman Jody Hice got a subpoena from the Fulton County DA so it looks like he was involved with more than plotting Trump’s takeover in DC. He may have been involved in plotting it in Georgia too.

Jody Hice was one of the 147 Republicans (8 senators and 139 representatives) who voted to delegitimize the 2020 election. Don’t forget about those repugnant assholes.

Maryland Republican Congressman Ryan Dark White is in jail because he lied and accused somebody of sex trafficking a 10 year old girl to help with campaign visibility. He is one of ten people on the ballot for US Senate in the state primary election today. He’s running under a different name for Senate, Dr. Jon McGreevey.

Rape culture was on full display on the steps of the US when a creepy self-righteous fragile white male repugnant ass, YouTuber Alex Stein filmed himself cat calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she walked up the steps. He commented on her big Latina booty and called her a baby killer. If they were in Texas he could have gone ahead and raped her and the state would force her to carry and give birth to his sexist troll spawn. Later on Marjorie Taylor Greene had him on her podcast where he bragged about what he did. His dad hosts the “White Power Hour.” He’s been on Tucker Carlson’s show too.

Lauren Boebert lost her restaurant in Colorado, “Shooters” (Hooters with guns) because the landlord wouldn’t renew her lease.

Steve Bannon’s trial for contempt of Congress just started. He tried to get out of it by proclaiming that he was such a big deal that he couldn’t get a fair trial because of all the media attention. People were like, “Steve who?” He faces a minimum of 30 days in jail but since he’s a Trump-pardoned convicted felon he could get up to 2 years.

Trump lucked out again and got his deposition in New York postponed because Ivana died. That was three wives ago. People are saying they think he had her killed. She lived on 5th Avenue, right?

Republican Greg Abbott did not attend a single funeral for any of the 19 children or two teachers killed in Uvalde. He hasn’t even been to Uvalde since June 5 when people tried to boo him out of town.

Repugnant ass.



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