Russia is setting Democrats up with several sensationalist stories to get people worked up and fighting with each other. One is Hillary Clinton is running again in 2020 and the other is Walk Away, where voters are supposedly leaving the Democratic party out of disgust. Both are linked to Russian influence networks. We were attacked in November 2016 and we’re still being attacked.

The United States bullied the rest of the world at a United Nations World Health Assembly delegation in Geneva. The WHA wanted to pass a quick resolution saying that breast milk is healthier for babies. The US attacked everybody there and got in the rest of the world’s face by saying, NO IT’S NOT! Why? a) boobs are meant for porn only, b) if the word gets out that breast milk is good for babies women might breast feed in public, or c) the baby food industry is a $70 billion industry that wants to dominate the world market. Everybody was appalled but didn’t go on record for saying so because they feared retaliation from the US.

Republicans are still using the same old playbook that they’ve been using for 40 years. It’s always worked. Until now. One of the plays is to collectively repeat the same lie in the media to “inform” their uninformed electorate. It’s false advertising, using the free press, and it has worked for a long time. Their base believes whatever they tell them. Savvy Democratic voters know they’re full of it. Everybody else hasn’t been paying attention. Their winning strategy is under attack by people finally paying attention. Most recently, Marco Rubio said that if President Trump had colluded, “…it would have been leaked a long time ago.” Um, it was leaked. It’s called the Steele Dossier and unfortunately for Marco and the entire GOP, everybody is paying attention.

John Cleese says that sociopaths attack liberals with the word, “snowflakes” in an attempt to discredit the notion of empathy.

Ten years ago, the Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $706,000 to charities that turned around and hosted lavish fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago.

A total of 7 former wrestlers from Ohio State have come forward to say that yes, Jim Jordan knew about serial sexual assault and did nothing about it. Trump and the GOP are attacking the victims, calling them all liars.

Trump’s aides are complaining of being verbally attacked and heckled in public. After Stephen Miller picked up his takeout order at a Japanese restaurant, the bartender followed him out to the street and cussed him out. Stephen Miller was so mad he threw his $80 sushi away.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is being blamed for people heckling Trump’s aides in public. She was attacked by a restaurant owner in Virginia on Facebook. Judy Talley Maxie of Caddy’s Restaurant posted “Maxine Waters, shut your your big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium remarks…Go back to Africa where youre from.” Typos are Judy Talley Maxie’s.

Another anti-LGBT Republican got caught with his pants down, having sex with a man in his office. Ohio state legislator, Wes Goodman, has resigned. He’s facing 30 accusations of sexual misconduct for sending young men pornographic messages and pictures of his wiener on Snapchat. Wes Goodman is a “family values” branded politician, married to the assistant director of an annual abortion rally, March for Life. He defends “natural marriage” as being between a man and a woman. His campaign website says, “Healthy, vibrant, thriving, values-driven families are the source of Ohio’s proud history and the key to Ohio’s future greatness,” but you can’t read it for yourself because he took his website down.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Pedophiles, gay affairs, sexual harassment, paid off porn stars…….they’re mostly associated with family value Republicans. White men who make laws against LGBTs and women are the ones who are typically outed and busted for sexual deviancy, not the sexually deviant branded Democrats. The Dems only have 1.5 pervs in their disgraced politicians column over the past 2 years — Anthony Weiner is in jail for showing his wiener to under age girls on Snapchat and Al Franken was set up and forced out of the Senate for simulating touching a sleeping Republican nude model’s boobs back in the days when he was a comic.

The President of the United States is a brutal psychopath. He can’t be cured. He must be stopped.

Trump is announcing his pick for Supreme Court tonight. Whoever it is, this will be bad.

America’s election wasn’t the only election gamed. Russia is attacking western democracies with the same players, companies, data, and Facebook.

“Democracy is not in retreat. It’s under direct attack, and it’s coming from the White House” — Malcolm Nance

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