Say What?

Spike Dolomite
5 min readApr 25, 2022


Perjury Taylor Greene, wearing a crucifix necklace, took the stand in an administrative trial in Georgia to determine if she should be allowed to run again for the House of Representatives from the 14th District of Georgia where she bought a house just so she could run unopposed in 2020. If she didn’t answer “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember” (which was a lot,) she lied. The only time she could remember anything was when her attorney asked her a question. When asked about her attitudes towards violence, she said the only violence she has ever witnessed was by Antifa and BLM. When asked if she had ever called Nancy Pelosi a traitor to the country, she said no. Then a video of her saying that Pelosi was a traitor to the country which is a crime punishable by death was played. The attorney for the plaintiffs said Marjorie Taylor Green’s role was not to smash windows on January 6. Her role was to get people to show up. She called it “our 1776 moment.” She denied that too so he played another video of her saying exactly that. When presented with an article by CNN and asked to comment, she said she’s not answering any questions because this was CNN so he played another video saying exactly what CNN said she said. When asked if she knew various people, she said no and then pictures of her with those people, smiling like they know each other, were projected on the screen. Pictures of her inside the Capitol during the attack show her smiling and relaxed, even smug. Matt Gaetz was in the courtroom wearing a bullet proof vest. Her stupidity was on display when asked if she would have alerted authorities if she knew of any violence that was being planned for January 6. She said she wouldn’t condone such a thing because, “breaking the law is unlawful.” When asked if the Declaration of Independence refers to King George as a tyrant, she didn’t know. “I don’t have the history books in front of me.” When asked if she had discussed the idea that there should be martial law prior to the inauguration with anybody her lawyer objected. “I actually represent the President and that’s covered by executive privilege.” Say what?

Now we wait until the judge decides whether to recommend that she remain on the ballot for the May primary. The final decision will be made by Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, the guy Trump called to “find 11,000 votes” for him.

A superior court judge in Arizona dismissed the challenge against Mark Finchem, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar on the grounds they aren’t qualified to be on the ballot for their involvement in the insurrection. They will all be on the ballot in August.

Madison Cawthorn will still be on the ballot in North Carolina. The district court judge interpreted the 14th Amendment to be about the Civil War and only the Civil War. Any future attempts to destroy the US government don’t apply. Say what?

After everybody thought Trump would rip Kevin McCarthy’s arms and legs off after the tape of him talking to Liz Cheney was released, he shocked them all when he said he accepted McCarthy’s apology and believes him when he says he really didn’t mean what he said. He was just telling Liz Cheney what she wanted to hear. Say what?

On the same day that Kevin McCarthy was outed for being the two-faced conniving POS liar that he is, his humiliation was intensified by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library announcing the results of the 2022 Profile in Courage Award. One of the winners is Liz Cheney.

Turns out Trump’s chief of staff and managing director of the insurrection, Mark Meadows, is registered to vote in yet another state for a total of 3 states; the Carolinas and Virginia.

In a debate for the governor’s primary race in Georgia, David Perdue, who was unseated by Jon Ossoff in the US Senate in Georgia, wanted it to be known right off the bat that he’s the Trumper candidate. In his opening statement he said, “First off, let me be very clear, the election in 2020 was rigged and stolen.”

850 people have given statements under penalty of perjury to the Select Committee. Congressman Jamie Raskin says they have gathered enough information to “blow the roof off of the house,” including that members of the Secret Service were helping Trump with the coup. No wonder Pence refused to get in their car while hiding out in the loading dock beneath the Capitol.

Trump’s former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, told the Select Committee that Trump’s onetime lead Secret Service agent, Anthony Ornato, was in on the coup. He gave Mark Meadows intel around January 4 that there could be violence at the Capitol.

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, was re-elected and will serve another term. He won by double digits and got 58% of the vote (he had the same approval rating as Biden so pay no attention to the polls right now.) The loser was Marie Le Pen, a bonafide Nazi and friend to Putin. Her dad started the party she leads, the National Rally, in 1972. It’s as far right as they get. This is her third attempt. She’s a nationalist who is anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, and pro-Russian. If she had won it would have toppled the unity of the EU and its support of Ukraine. This election was a real nail biter because like in the US, there are quite a lot of people who support her who are pro-fascism. Her supporters have been brainwashed into believing “the other” is out to get them. They’ve got their own Fox News there called, CNEWS, and they have been very effective in promoting Nazi propaganda. Since France was under far right Nazi control during WWII, the French have taken it for granted that that would never happen again, but they were wrong. Far right politics is back and part of the mainstream just like it is in the US. The free world has been holding its breath awaiting the outcome of this election. If Le Pen had won, Putin would have won, and democracy would have lost. Now the defenders of democracy are letting out one big sigh of relief.

What was that again? DEMOCRACY WON.

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