The DOJ is suing the state of Georgia over their new voting restrictions laws under civil rights laws because they clearly target black voters. Other states will be next. If new laws are found to be unconstitutional, they’ll be shot down before the 2022 election. The ruling in Georgia could then carry over to other states as precedent. This will be very, very unfortunate for the members of the seditionist caucus that are running for re-election.

Secretary of State Raffensberger accused the DOJ of working for Stacey Abrams. Brian Kemp who only beat Stacey Abrams in the governor’s race because he was Secretary of State and oversaw voter suppression said that Biden was weaponizing the Justice Department.

Georgia is getting sued by more than just the DOJ. All sorts of suits have been brought by organizations and individuals over being denied the right to vote.

8 years ago John Roberts’ Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act and now look where we are. He claimed it was time to change because things had changed dramatically. No they haven’t. Things are far, far worse. 26 states have already enacted laws to keep black and brown people from voting. More are in the works.

The bus driver and staff for the Biden/Harris campaign who almost got run off the road by a MAGA caravan are suing the people who did it plus the cops for not doing enough to protect them after they kept calling 9–1–1. They’re suing under the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act which makes election intimidation a crime.

The DOJ has set up a task force to go after people who have threatened election officials, workers and volunteers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin. Many workers have quit for fear of their safety. It’s so bad in Pennsylvania that they have lost 1/3 of their election staff.

The Manhattan DA is going to indict the Trump Organization of criminal charges which include “fringe benefits for a top executive” (looking at you Allen Weisselberg) very soon. Maybe this week. If they are found criminally liable for fraud and tax evasion Trump will be forced out of business. Executives could get arrested. Other businesses will stop doing business with him. Banks could call in their loans. He’s toast.

Trump expressed so much interest in using active duty troops in response to the protests after the killing of George Floyd that White House aides drafted a proclamation for him to sign to invoke the Insurrection Act. He told the military and the cops to “beat the shit” out of BLM protesters and “just shoot them.” Bill Barr and his chief of staff intervened. Was that before or after they took their totalitarian walk through Lafayette Park?

Before Derek Chauvin was sentenced his mom took the stand and said she’s being sentenced too. She believes he’s innocent (which explains how he grew up to be a murderer.) He’s going to jail for 22.5 years. He got 10 more years than the judge could have given him because of the level of cruelty involved, that it was done in front of children and as part of a group (the 3 other cops have been charged for their part and will be tried next year.) He’s the only cop to go to jail for killing somebody on duty in recent Minnesota history and only 1 out of 12 in the country who have killed somebody in the past 15 years.

Officer Michael Fanone, who was beaten so badly at the Capitol that he had a heart attack, got a face to face meeting with Qevin McCarthy to ask him to publicly denounce the sedition caucus and he said no. More violence is imminent. When reporters asked him if he would put any of the QAnon conspiracy theorists on the select committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol he lied and said he didn’t know anything about a select committee because he hasn’t talked to Nancy Pelosi.

Trump’s ticketed Delta Variant Super Spreader MAGA event in Ohio was a bust. Security went through the all white, maskless, unvaccinated crowd and took QAnon posters away and told people who had Q shirts on to turn them inside out. People started leaving midway through his ramble. Marjorie Taylor Greene was there. She asked the crowd, “Who’s your president?” She called for Biden to be impeached, Maxine Waters to be expelled, and Dr Anthony Fauci to be fired.

Sedition caucus spokeswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be on the select committee.

Bruce Springsteen did a concert for vaccinated fans and just like with the Foo Fighters, anti-vaxxers showed up and protested outside the venue. Picketing rock and roll is as ridiculous as it gets. It’s such an uptight, dumbass white thing to do.

Toyota is the #1 corporate donor that makes contributions to seditionist caucus candidates. They are literally giving money to Republicans who tried to overthrow the US election and they are out and proud about it. Their S-Edition model has taken on a whole new meaning so fuck you Toyota.

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