Select Committee Hearing #8

The 8th public hearing of the Select Committee covered what Trump was doing during the 187 minutes of the attack, from start to finish. He didn’t fail to act, he chose not to act at all.

There is no record of what he was doing other than what people who were with him said what he was doing. There is no phone log of who called and who Trump called during this time, nor is there any record in the presidential diary. It’s blank. Trump wouldn’t let the White House photographer, who is always around to capture moments as they happen, take any pictures. With the recent news that the Secret Service destroyed all their texts it looks more and more like the coup was planned and directed from within the White House.

During the 187 minutes while the attack was going on, Trump stayed in his dining room just outside of the Oval Office watching Fox the whole time. He scrolled Twitter and called senators to instruct them to stall for time.

Before the call log went blank, Trump talked to self proclaimed Leninist and unofficial advisor to the president, Steve Bannon, Trump’s attorney and general, Rudy Giuliani, attorneys Kurt Olsen and Cleta Mitchell, Senator Josh Hawley, Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino and Congressman Jim Jordan. Those who didn’t show up on the official call log were Vice President Mike Pence, Congressman Jim Jordan, House Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Senators Mike Lee and Tommy Tuberville.

How many senators did he call in all during the attack and which ones? Did they all vote to acquit after he was impeached for inciting the attack?

Josh Hawley was singled out by the Select Committee for his role in mobilizing and firing up the MAGA crowd. The committee projected the photo of him raising his fist to the mob outside of the Capitol, safe behind the cops who were there to protect him right before the mob attacked. Then they showed security video of Hawley running from the mob inside the Capitol, scared out of his wits. The people in the room all laughed. Humiliating memes set to music took over social media feeds immediately afterward. Liz Cheney made a mockery out of him. Will he run again in 2024?

Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz were co-conspirators in the insurrection. Josh Hawley was an outspoken election denier in the Senate and went on all of the right-wing shows to “speak up” for the 74 million Americans “who were told their voices didn’t matter.” In a democracy, one side wins and one side loses and that’s the way it goes but since Hawley is an authoritarian, it’s HIS side that should win, and at any cost. He got behind the conspiracy theory that Trump won the election. He objected to the vote count and led the charge to cancel the election in the Senate.

The eight senators who voted to overturn the election were Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Cindy Hyde-Smith, John Kennedy, Cynthia Lummis, Roger Marshall, Rick Scott, and Tommy Tuberville.

Two months after the attack, Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, appeared before Congress to answer questions about the attack. He called it an act of domestic terrorism. Josh Hawley asked, “I’m curious, and please understand this question is hypothetical in every sense, but what’s the typical expected sentence for someone who incites violent insurrection?”

Video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaking on their floors right after the coup were played. They both called Trump out and blamed him for the attack and then both of them protected and defended him a couple of weeks later. Neither one of them wanted a commission to be appointed.

Kevin McCarthy said on January 11, “I have had it with this guy. What he did was unacceptable. Nobody did defend him, and nobody should defend him. The only thing I told him was…my recommendation is that you should resign.” Today, nobody sucks up to Trump more than McCarthy. He will do ANYTHING to stay on Trump’s good side.

A White House security official testified in disguise. He said they all knew that once Trump insisted that he go to Capitol that this wasn’t a regular rally or protest but something much more sinister. While Pence and his security detail were taking cover in the garage, agents called their families to say goodbye. They believed they were going to be killed.

During and immediately after the attack, Trump never spoke to law enforcement or security other than HIS security. Trump abdicated his responsibility. The country was under attack by the leader of the country, nobody was in charge so Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mike Pence took charge.

After it was all over all Trump said was Mike Pence let him down.

The next day his people had him make a pre-recorded speech but he refused to say that election was over.

It isn’t over. We’re still under threat. The Republicans are still plotting and committing crimes and Trump’s deranged following is waiting for more orders. If Democrats don’t win in 2022 it’s all over.



Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.

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Spike Dolomite

Daily Crime Report - recounts of Trump and the Republicans’ daily disasters, with puns. Read them all in quarterly reports in The Treason Chronicles on Kindle.