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The Select Committee has notified Sean Hannity by formal letter that they’d like him to come in and answer some questions about communications he had with Trump, Mark Meadows and others in the days surrounding January 6. They let him know that they are in possession of dozens of text messages he sent and received related to Trump’s efforts to contest the outcome of the election, removing Trump by using the 25th amendment, telling Mark Meadows to call off the mob during the attack, having legal knowledge and giving legal advice about Trump’s plans for January 6, expressing regret and concern the night before the insurrection, having knowledge about the White House counsel leaving and pressuring Mike Pence to go along with the plan, and knowing what Trump’s state of mind was after the attack. They do not plan on asking him anything about what he has said on his radio and TV shows, or what his political views are. They only want to know what his involvement in the domestic terrorist attack against the US government was.

Sean Hannity was Trump’s shadow chief of staff. They spoke on the phone nearly every night during Trump’s presidency. He soothed him before bed by telling him how great he was and gave him his talking points for the next day. Hannity played a big role in the insurrection but you wouldn’t know it if you watch his show on Fox. He didn’t mention the letter from the Select Committee last night. His audience wouldn’t know because they don’t listen to any other “news.”

Trump was hit with two new federal lawsuits from police officers who were at the US Capitol on January 6. They say he directed the attack that left them injured and traumatized. Trump probably doesn’t even know because he’s always getting sued. It’s the story of his life. Sue and be sued.

Public official Ron DeSantis held a private press conference in a public building. It was invitation only, in a democratic country. He had a 71 year old man, Ben Frazier, escorted out of the building in handcuffs because he wasn’t an invited member of the propaganda media. He was arrested and detained on first degree misdemeanor charges for trespassing. Ben Frazier is a well known figure in the local community. He is a former journalist, and was one of Jacksonville’s first African American news anchors. He’s the founder of Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, a grassroots social justice group that helped get confederate statues taken down around the city. He’s also famous for showing up at a school board meeting to protest removing Critical Race Theory from the curriculum even though it never was in the curriculum. He was there to stand up for the truth being taught in schools. He got kicked out of there too along with 20 other people.

While Ben Frazier was making good trouble, Charles Franklin Barnes was making bad trouble further south. He got busted for voting more than once in the presidential election. He’s the fourth resident of the senior retirement community, The Villages, to be arrested for casting multiple ballots in the 2020 election. More voter fraud, Republicans! Voter fraud by Republicans.

At least 15 Republicans who claim that Trump won in 2020 are currently running for Secretary of State in various states. They plan on keeping Democrats from voting and will more than likely not count their votes if they are able to vote. It’s all part of the Republican’s totalitarian grand plan.

A few weeks after speaking at a Turning Point USA event in Irvine, California, Orange County Deputy DA and anti vaxxer Kelly Ernby (who had hopes of becoming a state assembly member) died of covid. She was only 46 and unvaccinated. The Orange County Republicans say she died of a “brief illness.” The weirdest of the anti-vaxxers say she died from the vaccine.

This morning AG Merrick Garland will give a speech directed to all of the employees in the Department of Justice, updating them on their progress with the January 6 investigation. He will be very vague because he’s not Bill Barr. Critics are going nuts because they interpret his silence as inaction. Others understand that the tight lips and no leaks is justice working.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the attack on the Capitol. Congress has plans to commemorate the somber occasion even though it is not in session. There will be a couple of reverential gatherings to mark the attack on our democracy. Republicans aren’t expected to attend.

Trump was supposed to celebrate in his own way by giving a speech from Mar-a-Lago but he cancelled. Either he took his attorney’s advice for once or he’s worried he won’t get enough media attention. He announced it on Fox and spun it as him being victimized by the media and Select Committee.

What does Sean Hannity say?

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