Shit is Getting Old

Spike Dolomite
4 min readOct 11, 2020

Trump did a MAGA rally from the White House balcony to a crowd of anti-BLM black people hosted by Fox News’ token African American, Candace Owens. They were all paid to be there. He invited 2,000 but only 400 showed up. No big shots came. Just sacrificial black sheep from Blexit, a movement started by Candace Owens to get black people to abandon the Democratic Party and register as Republicans. They were all given azure blue t-shirts that read, “Back the Blue” and red MAGA hats. They pledged allegiance to the Thin Blue Line flag, not the American flag, on the White House lawn. They were forced to stand shoulder to shoulder and cheer on cue and applaud along with an applause soundtrack. He was scheduled to speak for 30 minutes but only lasted 18. News organizations that gave him the free coverage didn’t mention how the campaign event was a violation of the Hatch Act — using the people’s house for political gain.

Elliott Broidy, the former top political fundraiser for Trump at the RNC, has been charged for using his influence to influence the US government on behalf of foreign interests. He sold America out.

Pence did a MAGA rally at The Villages retirement community in South Florida in 90 degree heat and no shade. 3,000 old people were crammed together in direct sunlight with no social distancing. Only about a quarter of them wore masks. As seniors moved in, other seniors were helped out by event organizers and paramedics because they fainted from heat exposure. They had to sign waivers protecting the campaign if they caught the coronavirus while there. Pence told the crowd, “This is a debate between two visions. Say no to socialized medicine and taxpayer-funded abortions!” An anti-Trump group flew a sign above them that said, “Pence is the reason you can’t see your grandkids.”

Speaking of abortions, anti-abortion groups say “no problem!” to Trump benefitting from a drug that was tested on cells derived from an aborted fetus because Trump wasn’t actually involved in the actual abortion. What does that mean? It wasn’t his sperm or he didn’t perform the abortion?

Since Trump is old, shouldn’t we be sacrificing him now for the sake of the economy?

Senior discount: Trump and the Republicans, who are all old, believe seniors are expendable, but not them.

Senator Chuck Grassley is too freaking old to be in Congress. He tweeted this last night (on 10/10/20): Kayleigh trump presser been on. FNC several times lately fr isolation location. She need to put new battery in little clock behind her It’s stopped at10:10.

An 80 year old man in New York asked a MAGA to put a mask on which pissed the MAGA off so he shoved the 80 year old man to the ground. He hit his head and died. Republican senators own this. If they had voted to acquit the old fat bastard in February the level of hate throughout the country would have subsided instead of escalated. Hate is getting old.

Speaking of hateful old Republican senators, Lindsey Graham probably has the coronavirus since he refuses to get tested. He’s in a hurry to seat Amy Coney Barrett. His committee hearing to pack the Supreme Court with an anti-abortion justice starts tomorrow. He usually sits next to Dianne Feinstein who is 87 years old. Senator Joni Ernst wants everybody tested before the hearing. Lindsey Graham does not. Mitch McConnell called the Senate off for this week but not Lindsey and the old Republican farts on his committee.

The Republicans are trying to spin that Biden will pack the courts if elected. That’s all they’ve done for 4 years. They’re in a rush to pack as many old farts and those who think like old farts on to the bench as possible because half of all Americans who are 15 years old and under are not white. They’ll start voting in 2024 and they won’t be voting for old white Republicans.

A nurse that Trump had speak at his convention to say what a great job he was doing handling the coronavirus, Amy Ford from West Virginia, just got arrested for shooting somebody.

Trump wanted to make his first public appearance after leaving the hospital be staged to look like he was weak and then he’d stand up tall and rip open his shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt underneath. Odie but woody.

The Taliban endorsed Trump.

“Hard to believe there was ever a world leader as dumb as Donald Trump. Can’t spell, can’t read, has never managed anything approaching an original thought. His brain is like a radio playing at top volume, but between stations.” — Stephen King

This shit is getting old. 23 days until we get to vote.

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