The former president of the United States is full of shit. The hater and loser released a former statement about the passing of former Secretary of State General Colin Powell:

“Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, treated so beautifully in death by the Fake News Media. Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!”

After Regis Philbin died, Trump found time to take a break from golf to make a statement and naturally he made it about him. He didn’t show the same respect after the passing of icons John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, John McCain, and George Bush, because none of them liked him, but of Regis he said, “He was a fantastic person, and my friend. He kept telling me to run for President. Holds the record for ‘most live television,’ and he did it well. Regis, we love you….”

After the MAGA mob killed people on January 6, Trump finally conceded to the many demands and pleas for him to call the dogs off by going on live television and telling the mob that he loved them and was proud of them. He told them they were very special but it was time to go home. He’s never said that to any of his 5 children and it shows.

Trump wasn’t a real president. He just played one on TV. His memos in lieu of tweets are the deranged musings of a nut job who clearly belongs in a mental institution for the criminally insane. Here are just a few of the insane things he said while president, just to refresh America’s traumatized memory of who was in charge of the nuclear codes for 4 years:

In one of the daily press briefings where he would spin covid and try and gas light the media about how serious the Trump Plague was, he explained how the virus is activated, “Once it was reluctantly aroused. It was hard to get it aroused. And it is hard to get it aroused. But we got it aroused.”

After school shootings stopped as a result of schools being closed due to the Trump Plague, he said he deserved credit for “reducing school shootings to zero.”

When asked to comment on NBA people criticizing him, Trump said some NBA people are “very, very nasty and frankly, very dumb.”

Of US Senator and Harvard law professor, Elizabeth Warren, he said she was ghastly and dull. “I think lack of talent was her problem. She is a very mean person and people don’t like her. People don’t want that. They like a person like me that isn’t mean.”

Andrew McCabe was able to use some of Trump’s tweets when suing the Department of Justice for his pension and back pay to prove he was fired out of political spite. Here’s 60 seconds of some of the other shit Trump tweeted:

“Seriously failed presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, just introduced an Amendment on the renaming of many of our legendary Military Bases from which we trained to WIN two World Wars. Hopefully our great Republican Senators won’t fall for this!”

“Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to take away authority Presidents use to stand up to other countries and defend AMERICANS. Stand with your Commander in Chiefs!”

“The Do Nothing Democrats should be focused on building up our Country, not wasting everyone’s time and energy on BULLSHIT, which is what they have been doing ever since I got overwhelmingly elected in 2016, 223–306. Get a better candidate this time, you’ll need it!”

“If you like automobiles, how can you vote for a Democrat who all want to get rid of cars, as quickly as possible, especially if they are powered by gasoline. Remember also, no more than one car per family. I, on the other hand, have new plants being built all over Michigan, Plus!”

After Trump tweeted out a photoshopped image of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi wearing Islamist head dresses in front of the Iranian flag, his press secretary (who had never given a single press briefing and just came out with her own tell all book about the shit Trump said and did,) Stephanie Grisham, defended Trump on Fox by saying he tweeted that image because he thinks that the Dems are “parroting Iranian talking points” and “almost taking the side of terrorists.”

A few months before he infamously announced his run for president, he tweeted: “Every time I speak of the haters and losers I do so with great love and affection. They can not help that they were born fucked up!”

Trump is the most corrupt, unqualified, ignorant, crude president in American history and everything he did, said, and tweeted turned to shit.

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